"Hey whats up?" Shaden's casual voice came smoothly through the phone.

"Whats up!" Tristan snarled. "You let her get away!"

"No..." Shaden began.

"Idiot! You realize she's probably in the hands of those ingrates the people call superheros!"

"She's with--"

"Shut up! You've messed up, making a spectacle of yourself in that stupid fight."


"Shut UP!" Tristan practically shouted. "I saw the entire thing, you idiot. You began that blasted fight by jumping at them!"

"I did!"

"Thats not the way we do things. You needed to be more careful. This mission required stealth and superior thinking. Tell Alleya and Drexlin, I want you three to make up for your mistake. Find that girl. Bring her to me. Tonight!"

"Fine." The phone clicked silent. Tristan slammed it down on its stand and sighed.

"Why is it so hard to find good help these days?" He asked no one in particular. An older man, coming into the room, slowly backed away again, the boss was in a bad mood, and it wasnt good to cross him.

If you want something done right, you do it yourself. I'm going after the girl. Tristan thought, grabbing his coat and leaving the house.

The End

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