War? This is too soon!

Shaden and I charged the girl, I tried to cover her with a wave of exhaustion, but it didn't seem to have any effect. She ran at us in wolf form, knocking me to the side, I lay there winded as I watched her freeze Shaden in a block of ice after he tried a sneak attack. She was just too good! She ran back to her comrad, claiming victory, I leaped to my feet, but it was already too late. Masses of supernaturals were storming into the park. It looked like it was going to be a full fledged battle. I gathered my strength and pushed a bubble of calm over the entire clearing, pulling the fight out of every one.

"We cannot fight here! The mundanes will notice us and drive us all out of the city!" I yelled. The other supers stopped in their tracks. With some mutterings they all retreated. The Battle wouldn't happen here. I let the bubble fall, nearly collapsing from the weight of it. Shaking my head, I went to the block of ice that was my friend and comrade. With a roundhouse kick I shattered the block. Shaden came out fighting. I had to duck a stream of fire as it came in my direction.

"It's over Shaden!" I yelled. He stopped flailing.

"How? I saw the--" He cut himself off, we were alone in the park, even the original goodies were gone, having retreated with my order.

"Where's the Zenevine?" Drexlin came up to us.

"She, um, she left with the goodies." I mumbled, embarrassed that I let her follow my order as well. "The Boss is gonna kill me." I looked at the ground, shuffling my feet.

"Nah, just box you around a bit." I looked up at Shaden, shocked.

"That's worse!" I yelped, my hair turning white with my terror.

"Come on Alleya, you're too important to the team, you just need to keep the Boss calm when you tell him that you lost the Zenevine." Jamie smiled at me. I glared at him. Shaden's phone started ringing.

"It's the Boss... Hey, what's up?" Shaden asked casually. "No... she's with... no... I did!... fine." Shaden hung up. "He wants us to get the girl. Tonight."

The End

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