Victory for now

I saved a comrad by using ice. I ran towards my oppents, shooting icicles and mini tornadoes with either hand, one of them, a boy with white hair, tried to shoot fire at me. But i used a gesture to create a water wave to bolck his attacks. They tried to team up and charge me but then i turned in to a wolf and chased  after them.A girl with dark purple eyes and jet black hair appears to theam and runs away with them in defeat. Then a boy with short curly black,Taned flawless skin and  shocking blue eyes appears.

"Parker! I won the fight" I shouted. "You're cloe, you can do anything,thats why no one but you can win a fight" he calls out to me. ( Pixie come towards me with a warning. I turn in to a yorkshire terrier and lisen to her. ( in a way, she's my animal insint, this part is happening in my head) My animal inctint was telling me that the fights not over yet. It's only just begun.

A boy with blond hair, one red eye and one orange tried to attack from behind. I turned into a fox and swiftly dogded him. I changed back into myself again, My hair started changing to red because i was starting to get angry. I charged at the boy, shooting ice and wind at him.

I then trapped him in ice, knowing he was the bad guy. But with so much rage, i couldn't see pasted the calm boy attacker. I relised it wasn't the boy i thought it was, it was someone else doing the work for him.

The boy actually had pale dark hair with red tips, Dark blue with orange.

I looked at him, my anger all drained away. Something was making me actract to him. Pixie, my consution and inscinit, yelled in my head, " wake up!"

I instanly woke up and ran to Parker. Then out of nowhere, loads of baddies and goodies come out.

The war is about to begin.

The End

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