A New Combatant

The goodie put up a good fight.

Like the pun?

I leapt over his first blast and received a second in my chest for my troubles. I snarled and raised my hands, embracing the animal rage inside me. My nails sharpened and grew, my teeth became fangs and I leapt at him again, my senses heightened, my strength increased. I caught him on the shoulder as he dodged a kick from Alleya. She closed her eyes and began her emotional transference power which I could never pronounce... something like Emotopathic... she could take emotions and relay and them to both our side and the other. It could be very confusing when she tried to amek it that way.

The goodie tried to stand up but Alleya's power was working and he shook his head trying to sort through whatever feelings were being projected in there. I went for the killing blow my fangs reaching for his throat and they closed.

On ice.


I looked up at a new girl who was running towards us shooting icicles from one palm and mini tornadoes from the other. Apparently she thought she was a superhero because she wore some kind of white and blue outfit, which I had to admit did look good on her. I shook my head and stuck out my own palm launching a maelstrom of  fire at her. She put it out with a gesture which created a wave of water to combat my attack. Alleya was falling back, trying to get out of range of the newcomer when the first kid got up as well.

I retreated back to Alleya and tried to calm down. I couldn't fight the girl with fire. I couldn't fight the boy because of the girl. If I could only switch to my angel form I could use light and the battle would be over.

But I couldn't. I was too angry, too upset, too blood-thirsty. It would more time than I had at the moment.

"We have to take out the girl." I told Alleya. "She's a distraction and she is nulling my fire... we'll tag team her and take her out quick alright?" Alleya nodded and we both began to charge. The girl shimmered and I found myself looking at a wolf.

Good lord. What else could she do?

Alleya and I didn't break stride but I couldn't help but wonder whether we were in trouble.

The End

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