A favor

I watched the situation below unfold with a mixture of impatience and annoyance. In fact, it was that mixture of emotion that allowed me to fly. Without the anger and hate my demon side would gradually weaken and I would fall.

Yes. I said demon.

I'm half angel, half demon and each side allows me to do different things. However each side also has its limitations. I saw Shaden take down the goodie, with ease and begin to go after the girl. I frowned. I wanted to do something. I was sick and tired of waiting up here to be called in to help. Why couldn't the goodies be any good at fighting?

At the rate things were going this whole escaped would be a waste of my time. So I decided to do something that I didn't normally do. Actually I'd never done this before, but I was bored so my teammates could either let me handle a part next time or shut their mouths.

They didn't trust me.It was the angel part of me and I knew it. They claimed that I was one of them, but it was clear that I wasn't in the circle. I was easily as good a fighter as the next guy... so why did I never get any action? I sighed and made up my mind.

I was gonna do it.

I swooped down, landing at the feet of the kid whom Shaden had beaten. He was facing Alleya with the intention to fight her.

He was also trying to hold his guts in with his hand.

I took a deep breath and pushed the rage out of my body. Accepting my fate, embracing the light, the good, purging all the evil.

I changed. My body began to glow and I knew the change had been successful. It was a lucky thing that I had been waiting in the sky for so long otherwise it wouldn't have worked. I couldn't change to my angel form if I was feeling to mad, angry, or frustrated. But now that I had changed, I stuck out my hand and touched the goodie.

I healed him.

"What the hell are you doing Drexlin?"

I turned to see Alleya staring at me with confusion and anger on her face. She was going to argue with me... I could tell. That was good. I turned to face her as the other kid began to mend and I said "Be honest with me. Did you really want to fight an injured goodie? He wouldn't have been a challenge and you know it. I've done us both a favor."

"A favor I intend to pay back." The goodie snarled behind me, and next thing I knew I was blasted forward. The rage came back to me, the eagerness for a fight and just like that the glowing ceased, my muscles began to grow, and my red eyes grew brighter.

I picked myself up and turned to face the goodie with Alleya by my side.

The kid was glaring at me. He was angry that I healed him. It made him look weak.

He was going to try and prove that wrong. 

His hands began to glow blue and the fight began.

The End

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