First Encounter


"Target is approaching." Tristan said onto Shadens radio," A human is with her, Proceed with caution."  Shaden gave a little scowl, as if to say yeah be afraid of those powerless insignificant humans," We don't want the goodies to find out." Shaden gave a face of annoyance, he hated how he referred to the other side as goodies, why not just call them the enemy, they weren't some sort of sugar candy.

"Aye." He replied simply starting to detach himself from the branch of the tree he had perched himself upon. Shaden understood it was disrespectful towards Tristan, but that kid looked like he was hardly out of high school and he was bossing him around, and sure Shaden didn't like really talking, but he felt that his skills and abilities were far stronger than Tristan's.

"Shaden." He said with a brief pause," Begin Pursuit. We need this girl."

"Like I didn't already know that." He said softly under his breath quietly stepping along the branch peaking out from the safety of the leaves of the tree seeing his target and the human that was accompanying her.  Wasn't much of a challenge, but he understood this girls significance in this war and double checked the area not seeing any other figures, and darted transforming himself into an innocent looking black squirrel darting in their direction.  Once he got with in striking distance he jumped transforming back into his original form with two different coloured eyes, one red, the other one orange and black instead of white surrounding them.  The girl screamed in surprise as Shaden pushed the human she was walking with to the ground. She tried running but it was no use since Shaden was much faster than she was. He grabbed her arm , she struggled but couldn't free herself and she ended up falling to the ground, behind him, the human made an attempt take him down but much to his dismay several spikes shot out from his back  making him back off.

Something else happened that Shaden didn't calculate, and had only noticed when it was to late. A burst of blue hit him full force causing him to let go of Jannessa as he was sent sliding across the field getting a little burnt from the blast. It started to fade away leaving a black mark across the field and Shaden's skin.  He looked up a little amazed that he had missed seeing this opponent coming at him. Across from him stood a boy around the same age as the girl, wearing a dark blue travel coat.


a minute earlier

Parker and Janessa walked through the park without taking notice of another figure trailing from a distance. He wore a dark travel coat hiding most of his features but nothing could hide his pale face, his strange dark blue eye with orange around the pupil and dark hair with natural blood red tips. His name is Jamie Howards, and he was given a job to keep an eye on the Zenevine, or in other words Janessa. He was not ordered directly by his leader but by a lower tier within the ranks. Still he upheld his mission, although it was annoying him that he could not befriend the girl because of risking exposure to the other side of this war.

So he kept his distance for the time being, although a few time Jannessa had noticed him in the halls of the school, and the strange coincidence they shared every class together, yet never attempted to talk to her even though always being in close proximity. She also caught him once or twice on the streets, so Jamie was thinking of just simply reporting to Haken, the man that ordered him, that he was going to befriend her anyways because sooner or later he was going to get a restraining order. At least that’s how he felt. The two were nearing the forest on the other side of the park, and as Jamie was about to follow after them, just as a dark shape exploded into the form of a man, that knocked over Parker in seconds causing Jannessa to scream, and run. Without a second more of hesitation Jamie charged across the field his body started to glow a light blue, his power was simple but powerful. He could collect, store and fire off pure energy as well as use it to strengthen his attacks, and speed.  The attacker had grabbed Jannessa's arm, and her companion was going to tackle just as dark grew out of his back, forcing Parker to back off.

Jamie couldn't afford to hit the man directly so he fired off a blast at him quickly catching his attention. A few seconds later the burst of energy had dissipated, and the man was looking up at him with a small look of amazement but mostly annoyance," Jannessa, Parker get away from here! Quick." Jamie Barked as he took a step forwards as so did his opponent who was talking into his arm 'undoubtedly a communication device.' Jamie thought," Get moving!" He barked again getting Jannessa on her feet as the attacker charged again with amazing speed. Jamie barely managed to block his punch as he pushed Jannessa away.  He knocked it back taking a step forward punching at his face.  The man moved away and his armed turned in a dark black blade and went to cut him down. 

Jamie raised his fist summoning some more energy to create a field to block the attack. The blade still hit Jamie's skin but had lost all its momentum when it entered the  dense field of energy.  Jamie seemed pretty happy with himself with this, but the stranger seemed happier  has he landed a knee to his gut. Jamie slid back air escaping from his lungs.  He fired off the energy surround his arm at the shape shifter who dodged it with ease, and  swiped at him cutting him across the chest drawing blood. Jamie stepped back narrowly missing another attack. 'he's fast!' he thought rolling to the side,'I'm going to have to fight with my power or I'm going to lose!' 

Another blade shot at him cutting him across the collarbone drawing more blood, Jamie swallowed back the pain summoning all the spare energy around him. A swirl of blue began to build up around him, pressure seemed to push air away from the two of them as the blue became more intense," My turn!" Jamie smiled throwing the man back and charging towards him. The man looked undeterred as he dodged a series of attacks, from Jamie.

"Coward!" He barked jumping into the air after him firing off several blast of energy that he expertly dodged from.  They both hit the ground but this time Jamie landed a hit blast causing the ground to crater underneath the two of them, as the shape shifter failed to dodge the attack," Your finished!" Jamie yelled triumphant blindly barraging him with a series of blast. He Jumped back leaving the smoking crater alone, expecting to have won the battle but the Shape shifter shot out his arm turning back into a blade from a large shield shape. 

"You boy are no match for me." He said calmly slicing upwards both slicing Jamie's torso badly and lifting him off the ground and throwing him a few feet away.  His blood spattered against the ground. 

"Dammit!" Jamie cursed kneeling and holding his wound.

" I will get the girl Shaden!" A woman's voice said  from behind Jamie.

"No, I will, I have no wish to continue fighting this trash. You can take care of him he's still got some fight in him." Shaden replied.

"I'm not done!" Jamie growled. As more energy began to gather around him swirling violently  the blue grew darker and a little stronger this time round.

The End

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