The Game Has Begun

Tristan Landers stood calmly in his Lair, looking at the TV hanging on the wall. It was a big screen, HD, and showed a crystal clear view of the Park. The view came from a camera hidden in a light post on the edge of the park. There were many such cameras hidden around the City, so Tristan could keep an eye on everyone working for him.

Though Tristan was young, only 18, he commanded the leading force of darkness in the City, in the war for the Girl.

There she was! Tristan pressed the bluetooth in his ear, opening up the link between himself and Shaden, his right hand shapeshifter. The only shapeshifter on his side actually.

"Target is approaching." He said into the device. "A human is with her. Proceed with caution. We dont want the goodies to find out." The goodies, like goodie-two-shoes it was Tristan's way of demeaning them in his head.

"Aye." Shaden said simply, then the line clicked off. No 'sir', no nothing. Tristan growled slightly under his breath, and the air around him shimmered with heat. He took a few deep breaths and the temperature cooled again.

"Shaden." He clicked on the link again. "Begin pursuit. We need this girl."

The End

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