Shydow ShapeshifterMature

A fight. I love fights, love them, love them!

I was hurling empty glass beer bottles in the middle of the dance floor, crashing in contact and blood was being spluttered out like tomatoes being smashed. I saw Victor dash to the restroom, secretly enjoying myself upon his misery.

"Who the hell is throwing the bottles?!" I heard someone bellowed in the middle of the chaos.

I chuckled and hid in the shadow of a chair, my shadow shape shifting to accommodate the form of the chair. Yes, my shadow and not my body. As you see, I have a sad story. I am the shadow of a shape shifter, I was ripped away from my body and left as a wandering shadow. All of this was caused by a bloody immature kid. 

Anyways, I can talk and move, other creatures can see me if there is light. I can take objects as well, by taking their shadows, that was what I was doing. Shadows weigh much less than the actual object! I cackled as I threw some ice in the dance floor, everybody was slipping and trying to stay on their feet.

"Shydow," a sweet voice called above me.

I turned to see Zoe Zombie right behind me, her grim expression scared the hell out of me. I stood up, my shadow against the wall, she had a candle on her twisted fingers.

"What are you doing Shydow? You can seriously hurt someone," she fussed like a mother.

If she could see me roll my eyes, but I must admit, she look and smell gorgeous tonight, a new rotten lotion my best guess. My arm wrapped on her shadow's shoulder and gave her a squeeze, she felt it, "Zoe, Zoe, this party needs some lively action!" 

"Whatever," she swept my shadow arm away from her shoulder. Then I saw somebody approach her, a werewolf. I clenched fist as I saw him wrapped his arms around my decaying chic, and placing his lips on her molding mouth.

I took hold of Rob's (shadow) ears and yanked him away, dragging his shadow along the wall. He screamed and shriek in pain, his hands were aimlessly trying to get hold of the invisible force pulling on his ears.

"You like to hoard all the ladies for yourself, don't you bastard beast?!" I took his shadow head between my hands and crashed his head on the wall, expecting it to crack open in any time. 

"You will be dead when I get you Shydow!" he growled, his head was banging noisily against the wall. His fist was thumping on my shadow, making a dent on the wall.

I cracked in a fit of laughter, "try to find me wherever and whatever I am!"

From afar I saw Willow Wolfe and Zoe Zombie making their way toward us.


The End

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