Zack Zombie: Murder On The Dance FloorMature

What do you do when a dweeb like Pax the Poltergeist interrupts a conversation that you’re having with some hot human girl?

She said her name was Teardrop – sound like a name a prostitute would have if you ask me – and she sure knew how to talk! Although, if I am completely honest, my attention lingered more on her low neckline than on what she was actually saying.

“So, yah, I attend Hollow’s High School down the road.” She flicked her silvery blond hair and shot me a flirty look. Hot blooded and dirty – just how I like ‘em, I thought mischievously.

“That’s cool,” I replied. I dragged my eyes away from her chest and off into the distance. I didn’t want her to think that I was too interested.

“Hey Fungus Breath!” Pax’s voice came from behind me. There was no point ignoring him. Poltergeists never got bored of pissing people off. I turned to face him, wondering what loser invited him. “That mayonnaise on your mag tasted funny!”

What mayonnaise? Oh. I was consciously aware that Teardrop was still standing right behind me.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” I apologised; my bewildered expression became one fighting back laughter. “It’s a new brand.” I’d enjoy telling him what brand it was later.

“Ooh,” Pax said. Forgetting me, he glided past and hovered by Teardrop. His eyes were bulging at the sight I was staring at only moments ago. “Hey there Sexy! Want to dance?”

“Oh please,” I grumbled, peeved at Pax. “You’re older than her bloody Grandfather!”

“You can talk, Fungus!”

I clenched my fist and prepared myself to punch his irritating mouth off his partially solid face. It was times like these when I wished he wasn’t dead already. Then a fight on the dance floor kicks, interrupting us from our brawl.

The End

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