Wynter WitchMature

Oh yey, another party!  I love parties, they're always such fun and I get to meet lots of lovely new people.

My door bell rang at about eight o'clock and my dad opened the door and let my best friend, Kerry, inside.  It's just the two of us since my mum left a few years after I was born.  People always say it must have been really hard growing up without a mother, but actually I didn't notice it.  I get on well with my dad, when he's not working, so it's quite nice there being only two of us.

'I'm coming,' I shouted down the stairs as I finish off my make up and take one last look in the mirror before heading downstairs.  'Ready to go?'  I say to Kerry who nods.

'Hold on there.  Where are you going dressed like that?'  My father has his disapproving face on as he looks at my clothes.

'It's a party Dad,' I moan, 'everyone will be dressed like this.'

'Well I'm not having my daughter parading around dressed like a common prostitute.  It's just not right.'

'Well tough because I'm going,' I said, walking out of the door.  It shut with a bang behind me and the cold air hit my bare skin.  'Oh shit!  I forgot my coat!'  I hovered on my front step, wondering whether to go back in and get my coat and risk being laughed at by my father, or leave it behind and possibly freeze to death.

Groaning, I opened the front door and walked back inside.

'I forgot my coat,' I said, smiling sweetly, as though nothing was wrong.  My coat was hanging on the peg by the back door, directly opposite the front door.  Using my mental power I called my coat to me.  This was followed by a crashing sound as my coat began to fly in my direction, taking the coat rack with it.  I caught my coat and quickly unhooked it from the tangled mess that was the remains of our coat rack before running out the door, grabbing Kerry's hand and dragging her with me.

'Wynter!' I heard my father yell after me as I legged it as fast as I could down the street, which wasn't very fast because of the height of the heels I was wearing.  'You are going to be in so much trouble young lady!'

When we got to the end of my road and stopped to catch our breath, Kerry laughed her loud cackling laugh.

'In trouble again Wynter?  It doesn't surprise me.  What did you do this time?'

'I broke the coat rail again,' I said breathing heavily.  'Dad hates it when I do that.'

'Don't tell me you tried to use magic to get your coat.  You struggle with even the simplest spells, let alone a summoning charm!'

'Just because you're little miss perfect and are one of the most talented witches around doesn't mean you have the right to rub it in our faces.  Now let's go to this party.'

'Right then, take my hand.'

'Kerry, I didn't know you felt that way!'

'Oh shut up,' Kerry said, elbowing me in the ribs, 'or I'll leave you behind.'  I took her hand and in a flash we had disappeared from the street corner and reappeared in a ladies bathroom.  From the pounding music coming through the door, I guessed we had arrived.

'You need to work on your choice of location,' I said, gingerly pulling a piece of loo roll off the bottom of my shoe.

'I got you here didn't I?'  I couldn't argue with that so hugged my friend and headed out to the party.  There were loads of people there, many of them I probably didn't know, but I didn't care.

'Dance with me,' I said, taking Kerry's hands and pulling her into the middle of the crowded dance floor.  The music was fast and everyone around me was drunk.  Perfect!

The End

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