Victor: Party TimeMature

"Come on, Zack. Loosen up!" I tell him with a nudge.

"My arms falling off" Zack moans. I turn and look at him with wide eyes. I feel utter shock on my face and Zack looks back at me with an annoyed/sad look.

"You can't be serious" I whisper.

"You think I'm joking?!?" he hisses.

I shake my head. "Whatever I'm gonna go party" I mumble. I turn and head through the crowd. I find a cool box of beers and grab one opening it. I look back in Zack's direction... and almost spit up my beer. Not only is he no longer alone but he's talking with a girl. A beautiful girl with long silver hair and bright blue eyes. I feel myself in awe of her and watch as she pulls Zack over to the dance floor. I feel jealousy shoot through me.

I turn and away and drink more of my beer. How did Zack catch the eye of such a beautiful angel? "Ahh" a girl yells from a few meters away. I turn and catch the sight of blood. I put a hand to my mouth and begin to cough in digust. The girl covers the cut on her arm with a napkin. She turns to a girl. "You bitch!"

Suddenly a fight breaks out. I flinch at every drop of blood spilled. I then turn and race to a bathroom where I throw up into the toilet. God, why the hell am I a vampire? I can't even stand the sight of blood.

The End

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