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"Pax, shut up! It's 4 in the morning!" Screeched Natalie.

"Bitch..." I thought. Most people would show some signs of concern when their  great uncle manages to fall out of bed...and through a floor....or two. Truth is, Natalie would never understand, the cow...

After all; Natalie's 22 with a part time job and man whor...i mean...Boyfriend...must remember to be nice. Since my little sister told me to sod off, Natalie decided to take me in. my sister's getting scenile in her old age, I suppose. being 94 mustn't do you favours... and I suppose the fact I kept jackin' her jewelry didn't help much neither. "I'm going out!" I barked through the ceiling. "Just go, Pax!".

On the way out through the door, i decided to take the keys. I didn't need them, nor, come to think of it, really want them but I took them  anyway. They were shiny!

It's probably time i explained why I'm going out at 4 AM, why i fell through a two story house and why my sister's only technological breakthrough is how to work a stair-lift.  Truth is...I'm a ghost. Well, more accurately, a Poltergiest. Ghosts have a hard time doing anything physical, whereas we poltergiests are free to hurl bricks at one another all night long...Although there is all ways the threat of wind. Passes straight through Ghosts, but we Poltergiests are still partially solid, meaning we get blown around like Queen Vic's thong in a wind tunnel. However, i digress. it's a calm night, no wind and it's 4. so... what to do? Only one thing to do...annoy Zack! He's a zombie, they never sleep anyway.

It's only a short hover to Zack's dusty old shack of a house and it's great to take a detour through the park and scare the horny mortals and the odd Hobo, asleep on a bench. Although park seemed pretty solemn tonight. Pity, I could of used a laugh.

Zack however, was not in his crap shack. After letting myself in, scaring his sister (unintentionally!) and discovering he'd gone to a party, I was now back to wondering what to do. But not before 'acquiring'  Zack's slightly stained copy of Hot brains. It's probably some cookery magazine...why else would there be mayonnaise on a magazine?

The End

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