Willow WolfeMature

Flicking my shiny black hair over my shoulder I glared at the lowly students in front of me until they moved out of my way. 

'Thank you,' I called sarcastically over my shoulder. God, everyone here was so stupid it was like being at school with a bunch of sloths with the brain capacity of a peanut. I could hear them whispering amongst one another about what a bitch I was and all I could do was smirk. I may be a bitch but I was so much better looking than any of them. 

'Willow!' someone called down the hall. I whirled round, shocked that anyone would dare talk to me when I noticed it was the only person who was actually worthy of my presence. 

'Hey Laila,' I smiled, genuinely glad to see her. She wasn't like anybody at this school, she was smart and beautiful, another thing we had in common. Whereas I was all dark hair and tanned skin, she was the complete opposite. Her hair was a light shade of blonde and framed a pale face and large blue eyes. 'How are you?' 

'Same old, same old,' she shrugged. 'Mum's being a total bitch, as per usual and my brother's won't stop rummaging through my room and just basically being a pain in the arse. But other than that, I'm fantastic. How are you?'

'Urgh, pissed that I'm still stuck in this building of incompetent lowlifes. You're the only decent person here.' 

'What about Rob?' she winked at me. 

'Oh yeah, and him.' I laughed. Rob was totally gorgeous and the only person, other than Laila, that I would be seen talking to at this school.

'Speak of the devil,' Laila whispered. I followed her gaze down the hallway and my heartbeat thrummed erratically against my chest. I swear it was like one of those corny movies where the handsome hero walks in slow motion down the hallway as all the girls look on dreamily. I noticed though, as the girls were whispering and giggling pathetically with their friends, Rob's dark eyes were fixed on me and me alone. 

'Willow,' he broke out into a friendly smile, one that was infectious and I felt obligated to return.

'Hey Rob, how's it going?' 

I watched him run a hand through his perfect dark hair before he replied with: 'Brilliant thanks. I have great news.' 

'Oh?' I asked. 

'Yeah. Me and Zoe are an item!' He flashed me another grin. 'Isn't that great?' 

Great?! The only thing that was great about that was...well, nothing! I tried to gather up as much dignity as I could muster before I replied in a steady tone: 'That's marvellous. Congratulations.' With that, I grabbed Laila's arm and dragged her down the hallway with me.

'Willow? Are you okay?' 

'What's he doing with that  hunk of fungus? I didn't know that he liked screwing mould!'

The End

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