Asha: DowntimeMature

Rayn got bored of Cody and I getting 'distracted' and eventually announced that he was going to leave. Once he had closed the door behind him, I got up, facing Cody with a grin.

"I'm going for a to join me?"

He chuckled, taking my offered hand. Once I'd closed the bathroom door, turning the shower on, I turned to pull him hard against me as I kissed him. It didn't take mind-reading powers to know he was beginning to enjoy himself. He increased the pace of the kiss, his hands moving to undo my shirt. I matched his pace, breaking the kiss only to pull his top over his head. My hands skimmed his bare chest, enjoying the feel of his lean muscle flexing with his movements. He dipped his head to tease the skin along my jaw and neck, bringing chills to my skin as his fangs scraped lightly against the sensetive area. I laughed, slightly unsteadily. He glanced up as he apparently heard something wrong. Concern was written in his grey eyes.

"Usually, fangs near my neck is a bad thing." I gave him a wry smile, trying not to let anything spoil the moment.

"I can stop if you want me to." He spoke seriously and the care in his voice brought a smile to my face. I put one hand on his cheek before replying.

"I said usually a bad thing." I guided his face down to mine and kissed him softly, appreciating his concern. He hesitated a split second before returning the kiss, drawing me close. My hands seemed to move of their own accord, unbuckling his belt and trousers. The rest of my clothes soon dropped onto the floor next to his as the small room began to fill with steam.

"I think we'd better start making use of this shower." I laughed, tilting my head as he started to kiss along my neck and collarbone. He merely hummed in reply, though let me step into the shower, following me shortly after.

I gasped as he lifted me, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist to draw him close to me. He laughed at the surprise that was written on my face.

"Vampire strength."

I laughed with him, "Guess its not all bad then."

He chuckled, proceeding to show me more positives to enjoying long life and lots of stamina.

We eventually ended up snuggled on my bed, warm from the shower. Cody was playing with my hair absently when an idea struck me.

"Lie on your front." I said, smiling as I reached for a bottle from the small cupboard by my bed.

"Sorry?" He laughed at my sudden request.

"Trust me." I grinned at him "You'll enjoy this."

"How can I resist that?" He laughed again, rolling over as I poured some of the bottle's contents onto my hand. A spicy, cinnamon-orange scent filled the air.

"What-" The rest of Cody's question was lost in a moan of pleasure as I straddled his naked rear, leaning over him as I massaged the oil into his back. I smiled, enjoying his obvious pleasure.

"I was taught everything you needed to know about pressure points. How to relieve tension, how to bring pleasure.." How to bring pain, how to kill... I added silently in my head. Being a trained assassin, you tend to pick up less pleasant skills.

"You had an excellent teacher." Cody replied, suppressing another moan of pleasure as my hands swept expertly over his skin.

I bent low, so that every inch of my torso touched his back as I murmured in his ear.

"It was my favorite class." It had been one of the few classes that weren't entirely violent.

Cody hummed blissfully as I worked. I couldn't help smiling, enjoying the feel of his body under my hands and using the skills I had to bring someone some enjoyment for a change.

When I was finished, he sighed happily. "I don't want to move ever again." He said, sleepily.

I lay so that we were facing each other, laughing a little. "You sound like you're about to fall asleep."

"M'not sleepy." He mumbled, sounding completely irresistable.

I smiled gently. "We were up all night.."
He chuckled a little at that. "Worth it."

I snuggled up close to him, humming when he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close.

"I won't complain if you want to sleep."

He mumbled something incoherant and I felt him smile as he kissed my bare shoulder. Not long afterwards, his breathing became slow and deep. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of his body against mine, smiling unconciously. Cody made me feel safe in a way I hadn't felt for a long time. I twinned my hand with his, feeling myself slip into dreams.

The End

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