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After the show, Aria and Cancer kinda vanished sharpish. I knew Asha would have gone to spend some time with Cody, which just left me with Rayn. I mean, he's a great kind and all but shapeshifters aren't immune to the 'itch'. I made sure Rayn had his fill of the circus/fair set up that was around before I invited him back to mine, figuring that either one of the couples would probably be there.

While Rayn amused himself with our DVD collection, I let my mind wander over the performance this evening. I was fairly sure every male in the tent had stood to attention thanks to Aria. I let my mind wander enjoyably for a couple of minutes before clamping down firmly on the thoughts.

No one can blame you for falling in love, Liam.

Asha's voice echoed back in my memory, reassuring as always though I couldn't stop the surge of memories that came with it. You can run from the past, but it will catch up eventually. Grabbing a couple of beers and some soda in case Rayn wanted one, I made my way back into the living room and couldn't help smiling. A harmless movie was playing and Rayn had fallen asleep, curled up on the sofa, a small smile on his face. I grabbed a blanket from upstairs, putting it over him.

"Sleep well kiddo." I said quietly, so that I didn't wake him.

I changed the channel to something more to my liking, turning the volume low and made my steady way through as many beers as it took to make things comfortably fuzzy. Maybe not healthy but better than brooding over my lack of concious companions. Eventually, I hauled myself upstairs to shower, change and make myself a little more respectable for people, unable to calm my thoughts enough to sleep. Still restless, I wrote a quick note for Rayn and left the house, making sure I locked the door. I shifted into my big wolf form and went for a run, instantly clearing the effects of the beer from my system.

I made it back before daybreak, pleased to see that Rayn hadn't appeared to move. I waited till he started to look like he was waking up to make a start on cooking some breakfast.

"Morning." I greeted him in a level tone as he shuffled into the kitchen, looking sleepy still. "Anything you want in particular?" I lifted the frying pan high enough for him to see.

Instantly, he lights up and I reluctantly smile at him. "I'll have what you are, Liam."
I give a tired chuckle and dish up double portions of a full breakfast, grateful for Rayn's chatter to fill the silence. I managed to keep him entertained until midday, when Asha finally made an appearance, Cody following close behind.

" Nice of you to drop in." I said dryly as Asha gave me a sheepish grin.

"Alright Rayn?" Cody was given a full run-down of everything. I was half-impressed when he managed to remember each one of the different forms I had taken in an attempt to amuse him. Laughing, he glanced up at me. "Looks like you've been taken care of."

I shrugged. "It was nothing."

Asha, apparently sensing something, gave me a quick glance. She made as though to say something but I cut across her.

"I'm off out if thats alright with you lot?" I gave Asha a look that meant 'later' and she nodded.

"See you later, Liam." Her voice was quiet as I shut the door firmly behind me. I wandered for a while, eventually running into Aria. Unfortunately, she wasn't alone.

"Hey, Aria." I smiled broadly. "Great performance last night."

She smiled back as me as Cancer shot daggers. "Thanks, hon. Glad y'all enjoyed it."
I raised an eyebrow in response. "I'm pretty sure every male in the tent enjoyed it."

She laughed at that, getting the meaning behind my words, while Cancer all but growled at me. Inwardly, I was feeling triumphant.

"What are you trying to say?" My good humor drained as Cancer levelled his accusation at me.

"She's a talented performer, that's all. Why?" I replied coolly.

"Sounded like you were making a move." He growled.

"Aria's a beautiful lady." I shrugged, giving Aria a winning smile. She was looking at Cancer with a small crease between her eyebrows. Somehow, she still managed to look stunning. In my head, there was a small spark of warning against what I was doing, but I was in no mood to stop it.

Cancer actually snarled at that. "Back off."

"Or what?" I replied calmly, squaring up to him.

Bad-tempered, skinny, punk. C'mon. Make my day.

"Luca." Aria tried to pull him away but he ignored her, yanking his arm out of her reach.

"Its rude to ignore a lady y'know." My tone was perfectly civil, though I was poised for a fight.

I could tell he was just about ready to explode, though Aria finally got through to him as he turned his head to her.

"Let's go." She gently but firmly led him away.

"See you later." I directed my words at Cancer, determined to wind him up, for reasons I didn't really know other than he got the girl I wanted.

Turned out 'later' came round sooner than I'd anticipated when I got to the park later that afternoon. My welcoming committee consisted of Cancer, looking worse for wear, alone.

"Where were we?"

His reply was to send a bunch of junk flying through the air. I was saved injury by shifting rapidly into a cobra then back to human.

Pick a fight with a telekinetic psycho. Nice one Liam.

"C'mon. Face me like a man." I smirked, spoiling for a fight.

As his fist smashed into my face, I grimly reflected that I wouldn't be disappointed before returning the favour.

The End

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