Mery: Step BackMature

I was glad with the trip to the circus even though Denver abandoned me part way through and I had to go find him. "Denver!" I snapped when I found him moping outside. "What the hell? You dont abandon a friend"

"Sorry, I needed some fresh air" he says. I sigh heavily watching him sadly.

"You know stalking her isn't gonna get her to like you" I tell him calmly putting a hand on my hip.

"I'm not a stalker"

"Then stop acting like one" I sigh shaking my head before turning on my heels. "You can walk me home now"

"I'm not acting like one. I'm just not that good with people" he says as we walk home. I nod as he speaks.

"I've noticed. Here's a tip. Following her isn't attractive" I say with a friendly smile.

"I don't stand a chance anyway"

"She did seem very into that guy.... Denver, if you have love for someone but they dont love you back its hard. Hell, its happened to me many times and still is but seeing them happy makes me happy even if I'd rather be with them" I tell him stopping to face him as we reach the park we need to walk through. He looks at me confused and I smile slightly. "I'm not saying give up on loving her but I am saying.... try not to go to far and be happy that she is"

He sighs. "I guess your right" he agrees.

"Good, now, lets get home so I can face my demon" I say with fear unable to stop the shiver down my spine. He then walks me home and I turn to wave before heading into the house. "I'll see you soon Denver"

"Later, Mery"  he says with a smile then I head inside. Witt isn't home which could only mean he's at Rosalita's or with her. I hesitate about stepping further into the house as the door clicks shut behind me. I know I have to and I take a deep breath before slowly walking in. Then Nathaniel is before me looking a bit pissed off.

"How was the show?" he asks slowly.

"Brilliant" I reply calmly.

"Who was that?"

"Denver" I keep my face calm not liking how he thinks he has a right to know anyway. I take my coat off turning to hang my coat up and when I turn back Nathaniel is right in front of me. I jump in shock and am about to step back when Nathaniel catches my hand to hold it tightly in his. My breathing quickens and I feel him thread his fingers through mine.

"Please give me a second chance" he asks looking at me in obvious pain.

"No" I say harshly. Nathaniel opens his mouth to beg and I put a hand over his mouth. "Not until you prove yourself"

"Wait.... you're saying I can court you but you wont trust me till I prove myself?" he asks confused. I nod and pull my hand away. "You better find a hotel for the night. You're not allowed in this house till I say"

I turn and head upstairs before he can ask me anything else. I slam my bedroom door behind me and wait till I head the front door open and close before I let out the breath I'd been holding. Its shaky and scared but why? I once loved this guy.... but I was also once scared of him. Am I scared once again?

The End

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