Cody: Undressed to impressMature

You probably think sofa and DVDs is a euphemism or something. If only it was. Cancer isn’t the only one who stopped aging at eighteen. It’s not too much fun, if I’m honest. I was looking forward to not wanting to wank over the tiniest thing, but there you go.

Either way, I took her back to mine, let her choose a DVD and snuggled up on the sofa together.

"So... do you know Denver at all?"

“No. Who’s Denver?” I asked. Apparently my question had amused her, ‘cause she giggled a little.

“The guy who caught us earlier.”

“Ah,” I said, understanding why she’d asked.

"I think he might have been a little jealous," she told me, kissing my cheek.

“A little?” I laughed.

She joined in the laughter; "Well, he's no competition if that’s any help."

“It is,” I hummed, leaning in for a kiss, which she returned with a happy hum of her own. I ran my hand down her side and her leg slid up a little bit. Fuck, I wanted her, but there’s one thing I’ve learnt that my dick hasn’t, and that’s that chicks don’t like being pressured for sex, no matter how much you want it. My hand trailed down her thigh, and my mind wandered. I shamelessly started wondering if I’d be able to get into her pants tonight, and how I’d go about it.

She pulled me closer against her and my hand ‘accidentally’ shifted up the inside of her leg, appreciating the smoothness of her skin as we slid against each other. A quiet laugh slipped out of her lips as she trailed a hand down my chest. Leaning in more, I dotted little kisses along her jaw line, twisting to accommodate her so she could reach my neck without disturbing me.

Grinning, Asha put a hand under my shirt, her soft skin moving against mine once more. I nibbled her neck, biting gently as she tilted her head to make it easier for me. She let out another small laugh, apparently noticing the tent in my pants, and planted a proper kiss on my lips. I lifted my arms, letting her pull my shirt off. With a smile, I pushed my fingers under the hem of her top, testing the waters, as it were. She smiled back, teasing me a little. Like I wasn’t already gagging for it.

I pushed her shirt up over her belly, making sure to go slow in case I was being stupid and assuming the wrong thing. She hums and starts kissing my neck again. When all her shirt is covering is her collar bones, I pull it up over her head and drop it to the floor, my hips bucking of their own accord as her hands start to wander. She flashes me a grin, and I feel my level of enthusiasm rocket.

"Enjoying yourself?" she laughed, and a grin of my own spread across my lips.

“What do you think?” I asked her, slyly getting the button of her hot pants undone.

Her grin didn’t fade as she glanced down, not bothering to be subtle about it, “I think I’m impressed.” Asha, my ego loves you. I kissed her.

“I was already impressed with you,” I chuckled, and she kissed back, her cheeks flushing a gorgeous shade of red. I picked her up bridal style, making her laugh.

"Well you certainly know how to treat a lady," she said.

“I do my best,” I told her, carrying her into the bedroom. Smiling, she wrapped her arms around my neck, snuggling into me closely.

“You manage very well.” I lowered her onto the bed, making sure I kept us close so she could stay snuggled. Humming happily, she kissed me slowly – a pace that I gladly matched. She started teasing me and I couldn’t stop myself from moaning into the kiss. She grinned again and started to undo my jeans. I pulled her shorts off, and she repaid the favour by tugging my jeans off.

Time to impress her even further, I think. 

The End

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