Cancer: MineMature

I didn’t like that Liam guy. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Aria, and Rayn noticed how pissed I was getting before stuff started trying to hit him. He kept bugging Liam to shape shift for him and be his entertainment, but his gaze would always stick to Aria just that little bit too long.

Aria, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice, or care. She was busy chatting away with Asha, though she did notice when things shook a tiny bit, betraying my irritation. Rayn saw it too, and started heading back inside, muttering something about getting drinks. Aria glanced at me and kissed my cheek, but I didn’t meet her gaze, too busy glaring at Liam.

“Y’all okay?” she asked. I nodded once and stopped scowling at him, though I don’t think I succeeded too well in hiding how pissed I was. She gave me a tiny kiss that I returned before she spoke again. “We better go, doll.” I just nodded again. Aria said her goodbyes, hoping that they all enjoyed the show, and we went back through the house.

We ended up walking, since I’d probably end up killing us both and a few other people if I drove in that mood. She didn’t seem to notice that I spent our time walking mostly trying to calm down. I took hold of her hand, still feeling all possessive and irritable. She gave my hand a little squeeze, smiling at me as we walked. I flashed her a tiny smile back, not sure if I was glad she seemed totally oblivious to my inward raging about Liam or not.


By the time the show started, I’d managed to calm down, and Rayn had tagged along with us all, dragging Liam with him. We all had seats with a good view, and while I was looking forward to Aria’s performance, I wasn’t looking forward to the fact that so many people were gonna be staring at her. I couldn’t help that I saw Liam as a threat, though, and the whole hostile feeling from earlier was beginning to bubble up in me again. Rayn sat on my lap, cuddling me like he usually would with his brother. His eyes were all wide and innocent, and well, I knew there was a reason we were such good friends. He calmed me down pretty well, actually, his head on my chest, turned so he could see the show and his limbs all wrapped around me. Liam slipped my mind with Rayn there.  

Aria came on for her performance, to the delight of most of the male population watching – especially me.  

If I’m honest, I don’t really remember exactly what she did. I was just enjoying the spectacular views I was getting.

“Ew,” Rayn whined quietly as my boner made itself known to him. I chuckled a little and ruffled his hair, going back to watching my girlfriend -mine­– contort herself into painful looking shapes. 

The End

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