Mery: Hello AgainMature

I found myself alone for the next few days. Witt had his soulmate and Jake seemed perfectly content with his new guy. I was happy for both of them but I felt empty myself.

Denver obviously didnt want me. He was chasing after that Asha girl. I didn't mind. It happened so often to me I swear that all I did was mope for a few days before finally getting the guts to go out. I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard a knock on the door.

"One second!" I call pulling on my jeans and tight top before skipping down the stairs to the front door. I swing it open and freeze. "Nathaniel....." I whisper. He smiles slowly looking a bit devilish.

"Hey, Mery" he says leaning down and kissing me. No hesitation. No chance to stop him. He kisses me stepping into my house and closing the door. "How have things been?"

"What are you doing here?" I whisper feeling an inch of fear slip into my voice. Big mistake. He laughs causing shivers to run down my spine. Not from fear though but the intensity of it.

"I'm hear to see you" he says reaching out to stroke my cheek but I step back avoiding it. He tilts his head and I glare strongly.

"You left, Nathaniel. You can't turn up and expect me back after you left with no note or anything" I snap. He sighs pushing a hand back through his hair.

"I know and.... I'm sorry"

"What?" I say dumbfounded. Nathaniel glares seeming annoyed he has to repeat himself.

"I said I'm sorry" he says stepping towards me and I dont step back. I just stare. He never says sorry. Never. I open my mouth to speak and he puts a finger to my lips. "I didn't mean to. Honestly, I had to go because I was called it wasnt my choice"

"You mean he called you" I say with spite. He nods and I turn my face away but her grasps my chin turning it back.

"I'm free now, Mery. Thats why I came back"

"How?" I question confused. Nathaniel smiles slowly putting one hand either side of my face and resting his forehead against mine.

"I refused to serve him any longer. I did it cause I missed you" he whispers leaning in to kiss me then... a knock at the door. I jump away realising how close I got to falling back into his hands like putty. I turn and answer the door to find Denver standing there.

"What do you want?" I ask relaxing. He holds up some tickets.

"Fancy a night out?" he asks smiling.

"Whose this?" Nathaniel asks appearing behind me. I shiver.

"Deffo" I say to Denver happy to get away from Nathaniel. I grab my jacket reaching past Nathaniel and almost completely ignoring him as I have to move past him to get my bag. "Lets go"

I notice Denver glance at Nathaniel who is glaring slightly at me as I close the door without looking at him. Once the door is shut I take and release the breath I hadnt realised I'd been holding. "You okay?" Denver asks. I look at him and smile.

"Perfectly" I say.


"Yeah, just an unwanted visit" I whisper hugging my stomach remembering.

"Well, you've got a trip to the circus to look forward to now" he says with a smile.

"Why invite me?" I question. "Why not that girl you've been goggled eyed over?"

He shrugs. "Though you might enjoy it"



"Tell me the truth please" I say, rolling my eyes and looking at him intensly. Seriously, to me its obvious he's up to something.

"That was the truth. Aria gave me two tickets and told me to invite someone, so I invited you 'cause I thought you might enjoy it"

"Fine" I say laughing. "But there is something else behind this"

The End

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