Jake: Will you be my boyfriend?Mature

I worried about Mery who seemed a bit down in the dumps but the main thing on my mind was..... What am I to him? At the moment we seemed almost nothing more than fuck buddies and I didn't want that to be all we were.

So late one evening as I lay snuggled up to Emrys side naked.... I couldn't help myself. I have to ask him. "What am I to you?" I whisper calmly but inside I'm an emotional mess.

"Huh?" Emrys says. I frown not really wanting to repeat myself.

"What am I to you?" I repeat needing to know the answer. Emrys merely shrugs and I glare at him. "I'm being serious, Emrys" I snap annoyed.

"How the fuck should I know?" he says kind of annoyed. "We're friends, I guess. And we've been fucking the last few days, so I guess friends with benefits or something"

I flinch and look away upset. "Thats all?" I whisper quiet and defeated. He shrugs again.

"Well we're not going out, are we?"he questions. I stay silent not wanting to answer cause he's right. We're not dating. I never asked him out, we just eventually jumped into bed together. Emrys also stays silent and a strong feel of want builds inside me till I have to ask.

"Would you be my boyfriend?" I mumble, half hoping he wont hear me.

"What?" he replies and even though I'm glad he didn't hear I still have to ask him. I need to know if this can go anywhere.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" I ask firmly.

"Sure" A simple word just like that. I stare up at Emrys wordlessly not knowing what to say or do. "What?" I then kiss him strongly unable to help myself. I feel so happy and yet shocked that I even have him which makes me ask if this is a dream. Emrys kisses back and eventually I pull away wrapping my arms around him tightly.

"Thank you" I whisper unable to think of anything else to say. Nothing else fits or seems right.

"Why're you saying thank you?" he asks laughing a little.

"I can't think of anything else to say" I whisper back. Emrys laughs and I pout up at him. "Hey, its not funny"

"Its cute" he says with a smile causing me to blush. What is it with this dude? He keeps on smiling and I bury my face in his neck as I begin to blush even more. I feel him kiss the top of my head and I relax slightly.

"You're cruel sometime" I groan.

"You've said"

"And I'll say it again probably" I mutter kissing him again.

"You better get use to it then"

"I guess so" I say with a smile kissing him more strongly my hands grasping his hips. I mean, I got him all to myself now and there is nothing he can do that will push me away. Well, there are a few things but lets not think about that.

The End

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