Cancer: TeaseMature

By the time Aria had left after our second date, I was left with yet another boner. I seriously hoped she wasn’t gonna be a cock tease for much longer – I never put this much effort into chasing a shag. I guess it was either the fact that she was definitely the hottest, and classiest chick I’d ever been with, or the hope that she might have the sort of experience that her age hinted at.

A few long days later, I was taking aria out on our third date. I picked her up from hers as was becoming the norm, ready for a movie and a night out. True to her word from before, she was wearing a low cut dress that gave me a very nice view of what she had to offer. She smiled at me as she stepped outside, and I returned it, making sure my eyes stayed on her face as much as possible as I took her hand.

“Do y’all approve?” she asked, gesturing at what she was wearing.

“Definitely,” I nodded, planting a firm kiss on her lips, letting out a quiet hum as she kissed back. When we parted, we set off, walking to the cinema complex. As we walked, she chattered away, talking happily about everything that came to her mind, barely noticing that I was letting her do nearly all the talking.

I let her choose what film we watched – some shitty romance thing – and paid for the tickets, doing my best to keep up with the gentlemanly thing I’d been trying for her. I didn’t miss the sympathetic smile the clerk gave me as she kissed my cheek. One small mercy was that she let me pick the seats. Needless to say I picked seats near the back. She snuggled my arm as we settled in our seats, and smiled as I kissed the top of her head.

“You don’t mind watchin’ this, do ya?”

“If I minded, I wouldn’t have let you pick,” I told her bluntly with a shrug, making her laugh.

“You’re sweet.” No, I’m just in my happy place.

The movie started and we fell quiet. She cuddled my arm, not seeming to notice that my attention was definitely not on the movie. I was more interested in copping sneaky glances at what her body had to offer. The view got a little better when she put her head on my shoulder, her upper body tilted towards me more.

As she shifted, so did I, moving my hand so it was pretty much on her boobs. I shamelessly shifted again so that I was cupping her in my hand. Considering her protests that she was a lady and should be treated as such, she didn’t seem to mind that I was pretty much groping her. Mind you, she did seem to be pretty interested in the movie. Shame. I was hoping to spend most of it making out. I leant my head on hers, figuring I might as well enjoy what I had and wait out the movie.

She stretched as she got up and I had to look away a little to keep from staring. What? She has an amazing body.

“What’re we gettin’ up to next?”she asked with a smile.

“I was thinking a bar?” I suggested as we walked out.

“Okay,” she agreed, letting me lead her to the bar down the street. “Well this is a bit different,” she said with a small laugh as she looked around. I nodded. It was definitely different. And definitely not as classy as the place I’d taken her before.

“It’s not too bad in here,” I told her, kinda defending it a little. “It’s classier than where I usually hang out,” I laughed a little awkwardly, wondering why I was being so honest.

“I’m sure it’s lovely,” she smiled as I got us some drinks. “It looks better for dancing in here,” she said, flashing me another smile as she sipped at her drink. I nodded in agreement, looking over at everyone dancing.

“It’s more of a club than a bar, I guess.”

“Can I tempt you into dancin’ again?” she questioned with a small smirk.

“Maybe,” I chuckled, remembering the ache she’d left me with when we’d danced before. With a smile I’m not sure I liked much, she lead me over to the dance floor, and I couldn’t do much more than follow.

Her dancing was deceptively innocent to start off with, but it didn’t take long until she started with her boner inducing dance moves. By this date, I was unsure if it was the fact that all she’d done so far was frustrate me, or if it was because she’d practiced this dance way too much.

She smirked, pinching my ass a little. Taking hold of her waist, I pulled her against me, half dancing, half grinding. I vaguely heard her hum over the music, and the little giggle she let out as my hands found their way to her ass. She kissed me, and I hesitated about half a second before pushing my tongue past her lips. Encouraged by her responding positively, and my raging hard-on, I groped her ass a little, making her giggle again as she ground against me. As she brushed against my crotch, I couldn’t hold back the tiny moan that escaped my lips.

Aria just giggled more. I tried to slip one of my hands between her legs as revenge, but she tutted and removed it. I grinned at her shamelessly, earning myself a roll of her eyes and another smirk.

“Is this gonna be another night of you teasing me stupid?” I asked over the music.

“Maybe,” she replied. “Depends if you behave yourself.” I put my hands up in surrender. “Much better,” she chuckled, both of us going back to the dancing until she got bored and lead me away from the dance floor.

I followed her outside, returning the kiss that she pressed to my lips.

“Why don’t we go back to yours?” she asked in a seductive whisper. Humming, I nodded, mentally crossing my fingers.

The End

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