Jake: Magic tricksMature

 When I said I was gonna have fun I meant it. I teased Emrys to the point he was so aroused he was almost gasping for breath. I found a cruel smile settling on my lips at the enjoyment of having so much power again and then just to be even more cruel I got the hidden handcuffs out of my pocket. I cuffed him to the bed and then sat next to him so I could have a smoke.

"Piss off if you're gonna smoke, asshole"

"Want one?"

"Yes" he growls. I smile and put the cigarette to his lips but pull it away quickly so he barely gets a drag. He growls again andI tut shaking my head. I let a finger trail down his chest and stop just above the waist band of his trousers. Emrys bites his lip and I smile.

"Problem?" I ask, faking sweetness. Emrys glares at me and I almost tut again but stop myself. “You won't get anything that way"

"Piss off" he says growling a little. I sigh and let him have a deep drag of the cigarette but still pulling it away.

"I'll stop if you say I'm not old" I say taking a longer drag than I let him have.

"You are old, though"

I pout and glare at him. "Right, no more smoke for you now" I say now sulking. "Seriously, I aint old"

"You're older than me"

"Doesn't make me old" I mumble straddling him again having finished my cigarette. "If you stop saying it I'll buy you some smokes and get your lighter witched up so it always works"

"How old are you? In numbers"

I blush. "I don't know. I lost my memory in the crash" I say almost stumbling off Emrys my breathing having quickened. I feel panic shoot through me in painful waves. Like always when I try to look back at my past.

"Well you've got to be at least one hundred. And I'm only nineteen, which makes you old enough to be my dad" Emrys says seeming unaware to the panic attack looming. I close my eyes and force myself to take deep breaths.

"Can we not discuss my past please?" I whisper my voice full with the fear I feel. "Besides does it matter how long I've lived. I'm still 22"

He shrugs a little and I lie down snuggling close to him. "Mind undoing the cuffs first?"

"No" I say with a smile glad to be back on a easier subject.

"Why not?"

"I like you like this"

"Thanks" he says sort of sarcastically. I smile sweetly trailing a finger back and forth above the waistband of his trousers. Emrys wriggles making me worry I've gone too far.



"Care to say?"

"Piss off"

"Seriously, tell me"

"This is too much"

"Fine" I say and undo the handcuffs. "You just had to say”

"It wasn't the handcuffs, so much. Just where your hand was"

"You will be able to get use to this right?" I say concerned.

"I guess so. I've never been with a guy so this is all new to me"

I nod understanding. I mean I freaked out a bit the first time. I almost thought there was something wrong with me. "You adjust. You just have to be.... willing, I guess" I says fiddling with his hair with one hand, my other arm hugging his waist. He hums and I kiss him sweetly.

It will work... right?

The End

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