Cancer: Hot StuffMature

That chick might be hot, but I’m not so sure about her being one ofthem. I mean, it’s not a bad match when neither of us can really die, and we’re not what you would call normal, but she’s gonna learn that she is definitely not the one doing the biting if we get together.

I opened the door to Rayn’s place, smiling as the locking mechanism bent to my will. I gotta admit, I might not like being a freak, but c’mon, telekinesis isn’t a bad power to be landed with. Cody was sat in the living room, and Rayn... I heard a thud from upstairs and a giggle.

“Get yourself a key cut, Cancer,” he said, not looking up from whatever he was doing. I poked my head around the door, seeing him stretched out over the couch, reading a magazine.

“Thought you were gonna enjoy the garden?” I asked.

“I was, but my neighbour’s a psycho.”

“Yeah, and you’re a vampire. I wonder which is worse,” I snorted, trying to stifle a laugh.

“I haven’t tried to bury a rotting corpse in his back yard yet, so, uh, I think he’s worse,” he looked up, a tight smile on his lips.

“Fair enough. Talking of fellow freaks, did you know there’s a bunch of other vampires hanging around?” He looked a little more interested at that. “The chick with curly black hair? She’s one. But dude, you go anywhere near her, and I’ll tie you down on the roof and let the sun do what I can’t be bothered to, ‘kay?” He nodded, not a hint of doubt on his face.

“What about the others?”

“She mentioned one called Asha, but I haven’t got a clue. Have fun sniffing them out,” I flashed him a slight grin before heading off upstairs to see whether Rayn had managed to injure himself, ‘cause y’know, it went kinda quiet after that thud.


When it started getting darker, I got changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I’m not stupid – if she’s used to being treated like a lady, I’m hardly gonna fuck up my chances of getting my leg over by not treating her right. I went over to the door I’d seen her coming out of earlier on, and knocked on it, wondering whether it was gonna be her that answered, or one of the guys she lives with.

She answered, but whatever I was gonna say to her fell out of my brain as I took in the figure hugging dress she was wearing. Fuck, she was hot. Instead of trying to talk, I just gave her an appreciative look, doing my best not to look like an idiot. Or like an idiot with a boner, which was gonna happen soon if I didn’t stop staring.

“Hello to you too,” she said, laughing slightly.

“Hi,” I replied with a smile when my voice didn’t threaten to crack like a kid hitting puberty. She returned the smile, and I stepped back onto the sidewalk, opening the door of my car for her. I will admit, I was hoping for a glance up her dress, but somehow she managed to not flash her panties as she sat down.

"So where are we headed?" she asked with a smile as I drove.

"Town. Whether we go for a drink at a bar or for dinner is up to you," I smiled back, "if you can eat, that is...” I trailed off doubtfully.

"I don't mind. And of course I can eat, silly."

“Sorry. I don’t know much about vampires, really. Cody’s kinda new to it all, so he’s no help,” I chuckled slightly. She flashed me another smile.

"It’s okay. Y'all can ask me stuff whenever ya like.”

“Thanks. I can’t think of anything right now, but I’m sure I will later on.” She nodded. “So what kinda food you into? I’ll admit I’m a diner kinda guy, so I’m not all that clued up on what you ladies prefer.”

"I'm not fussy. I'd live on brownies if I could," she laughed a little, and I joined in, doing my best to keep up the confident face.

“Italian? There’s a little place on the edge of town my friend runs; they do awesome pizza. And I’m sure I can persuade them to make you some brownies.”

“Sure,” she smiled, and I nodded to myself, hoping the chef was the same dude as when I went there last. 

The End

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