Mery: That GirlMature

When I got home I noticed Witt on the street and I couldn't help but watch from the window as they said goodnight. It was all very gentlemanly like then Witt kissed that girl, not too strongly a soft and hesitant kiss. He then smiled and left that girl on the doorway heading over to the house.

I watched the girl going inside still looking as if she'd floated off into space. Then Witt came through the door and I turned to face him as he entered the living room. He stopped immediatly at the sight of me. "So?" I question.

"Where's Jake?" Witt asks looking round.

"Over at this guy, Emrys, house" I say cooly. "Who was she?"

Witt sighs heavily and sit himself down on the sofa. "Its her, Mery" he tells me gently sending just a blunt blow to my heart. "I... I'm sorry"

"Don't be" I say immediatly. "It was time we both moved on"

Witt looked at e shocked. "I thought you'd be mad" he whispers reaching for my hand but merely letting his fingers run lightly over the skin quickly. I sigh heavily and sit down next to him.

"I was" I reply. "But I don't want this to tear us apart or hold us both back"

"I..... I understand you" Witt replies and we look at each other sharing a solumn look. Then I smile brightly.

"I wanna know what she's like" I say brightly. "You were out late as well"

Witt laughs and it seems to be coming from deep within him which I haven't seen in a very long time. "Yeah, well, she's amazing. We talked about a lot of things" he says with a smile on his lips. "We both like a good party and to have fun and she has a habit of reading"

"You're leaving something out" I say with a frown.

"She's a sorceress" he says slowly. I don't wince or get angry. I actually laugh allowing myself a release.

"Seriously, that is so messed up" I say shaking my head. "Being curse by a witch to fall in love with one"

"I know but.... I don't see that. I only see her" Witt says almost sighing. "I.. I might head to bed. I want to get a small nap before I'm heading over to hers"

"Okay" I say and watch him go suddenly feeling very protective of him. If that girl messes with him. If she even has the guts to try and dump him I will rip out her throat.

I take a deep breath trying to calm myself down. I shouldn't be so violent about someone elses problems. Man, I have a huge weight of my own. Now, I have time to think about it... how can I face Denver? I told him I liked him and dumped a huge shit on his shoulders. Hell, he doesn't even realise he's flirting. Maybe he's one of those guys that just doesn't know.

Seriously, calling someone 'sexy' is flirting with no maybe involved. I find myself twirling a strand of hair round my finger and sigh heavily. What am I doing? I mean falling for someone again without knowing for certain he's going to catch me. He might go for that other girl.

Should I go for it? Or run from love like do almost all the time?

The End

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