Witt: SoulmateMature


"Yes, I will have a lift. If you'll accompany me to get a bite to eat?" I say flirtaciously. She purses her lips, obviously attempting to be unimpressed.

"Alright, as long as you're buying"

I smirk flirtaciously. "Of course, I'd never make a lady pay" I say as we head towards her car.


"Here we are" I say stopping in front of one of the most extravagant restaurants in town. Yet, its meals are basic and pure pefection.

"This looks fancy; are you sure you can afford it?" She said cheekily, winking at him.I smile back slowly and I know it will make her pulse slowly quicken.

"Of course, I wouldn't bring you here otherwise" I offer her my hand to lead her in. Slowly she takes it and follows me inside.

"So, how many girls have you brought here then?"

I let myself laugh. "None, I come here on my own" he says as they enter. The waitress perks up at the sight of me entering but when she spots Rosalita she clenches her teeth. I frown when she smiles back at me seeming to completely ignore her.

"Your usual place?" she asks.

"Yes but another chair will be helpful" I say calmly. The waitress nods stiffly then leads us through the crowd to my table in the corner where a seat is already been placed. I pull Rosalita's chair out for her sitting her down before taking my own seat.

"Here are your menus" the waitress says fakily sweet. She shoves Rosalita's into her hands and I narrow my eyes as she hands mine over sweetly then she stalks off.

"Hmmm, I think she likes you." She stares down at the menu and bites her lip whilst choosing. "I'll have the pasta bake I think"

I just watch her and find my menu is just sitting still in my hands as I watch her. Such beauty before my eyes. She catches him looking and blushes, then rests her head on her hand and begins to stare back, obviously to see who will look away first. I smile flirtaciously making my look become intense and piercing actually allowing myself to look into the depths of her mind. She flinches and slides her chair back.

"I've got to go to the ladies room. I'll be back." She disappears.I watch her as she walks away and then finally look at my menu. She arrived back, her hair fluffed up a little.

"Are you ready to order? she asked.

"Yes" I reply letting my eyes look over every inch of her body as she sits down. My gaze is intense and I watch her almost hungrily.

"Go on then. Call your girlfriend over" she winked.I flinch feeling very hurt inside but I put my hand up the waitress coming over.

"Ready to order?"

"Yes, I will have my usual" I say calmly. "Rosalita?"

"I'll have a pasta bake. And a glass of lemonade please." She looked down her nose at her and reluctantly wrote the order down. When she left Rosalita smiled. "So, why'd you ask me to dinner?"

I trail a finger down her arm knowing I'm leaving a sizzling trail. "You do feel it don't you? That spark, the buzzing chemistry"

"You're pretty sure of yourself aren't you?" She grinned, but didn't move her arm away. "But yes, I did feel it. And by the sounds of it, so did you."

"Well, of course, I have been searching for it long enough" I whisper, knowing my voice is becoming intoxicating.

"Hmmm, well what do you plan to do now you've found it? Because I'm pretty sure that you think I'm just going to fall in to your lap. And if that's what you think then I don't understand how we're meant to be, because I'm not that easy"she says. I find it harsh but I expected this.

"Well, then I'll just have to court you then" I say very formally.

"Court me? How old are you?"

"I am 19 bodywise but I have lived for 1200 years" I say watching and waiting for her reaction knowing she already knew I was a vampire. "Are you okay with that?"

She smiles and just looks at him. "Why wouldn't I be? I've dated older. Besides, you'd have to put up with somethings with me."

"Of course but I will love you all the same" I say with utter truth.

The End

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