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 Mery stands staring out the window and all I can do is watch. Then she sighs heavily turning away and walking straight past me. "Why do I always go for the wrong guys?" she mutters as she heads upstairs. I frown and get up to look out the window. I see a guy and girl and know immediatly whats happened. I look over my shoulder towards the staircase.

Poor Mery, why does this keep happening to her? First with Witt and I know she crushed on me for a little while. Now this? Mery hates competition she wont pursue this. I sigh and decide to head out so Mery can have the house to herself.

Witt's out with this girl and I know this must be the one from the look I saw on his face. Then the facts he's pursuing her almost. I'm happy for him but sad for Mery since its obviously hit her hard. I head outside then find myself standing outside another house on The Street. I frown then a girl comes stalking out with her head held high. I frown and look towards the open door. Then I head inside slowly.

I step into the living room and Emrys is in there his back turned. Smoke is thick in the air coming from the cigarette in his mouth and from the cigarettes still smoking in the ash tray. "Do you always smoke when you're angry?" Jake asks. Emrys turns around looking at me.

"I smoke a lot of the time"

"Well, this seems more extreme. You do know you will still have trouble breathing sooner or later even being immortal"

Emrys shrugs. "I just get myself killed. Fresh start and all that"

I step forward and before he can stop me put one hand over each lung. A magically warmth comes off my hands seeping through his skin and into his lungs. "I don't know why I'm wasting my time" I grumble to myself. Emrys arches an eyebrow and I avoid looking at him but still blush slightly. "I'm healing your lungs. It will stop them tarring up for a few months"

"Thanks. I guess"

"Don't mention it" I say stepping back. "I mean really dont mention it. I don't like people knowing"

He sort of nods and I blush even more brightly. "Why do you keep blushing?"

"Isnt it obvious?" I ask feeling myself becoming nervous and scared.

"Obviously not" he says with a hint of annoyance. I feel a wave of disapointment and I can't help but let it show on my face.


"What?" Emrys questions but I stay silent. Maybe I have got it wrong. Of course I have. I'm always barking up the wrong tree. He cocks his head to one side a little and repeats himself.

"I'm.... I'm sorry to have bothered you" I whisper my voice breaking.

"You didn't"Emrys says and arches an eyebrow. I can't help but look at him. I feel my heart pick up a beat and I'm glad he can't here it.

"I haven't?" I question confused.

"No" Emrys says. I swallow and take a deep breath.

"Then.... do you like me?" I ask suddenly feeling brave.

"Sorry, what?"

"I really hope I don't regret this" I whisper then kiss him. At first theres no reaction then very slowly he kisses back the smallest bit. I pull back and stare at him openly shocked. Emrys looks back at me. "You kissed back" I say allowing shock into my voice as well. Emrys nods slightly.

"So what?" he says sort of defensively. I can't help myself. I put one hand either side of his face and kiss him again roughly. He kisses back only slightly again and I only eventually pull back for a breath. Once again he just looks at me and I cant help but blush brightly out of embarassment. Emrys smirks.

"So thats why you were blushing" he says making me blush even more. I look at my feet but find myself not wanting to move away. Emrys chuckles.

"Its not funny" I mumble.

"It is" he replies and I look up at him narrowing my eyes in annoyance. He smirks and I almost pout but hold it back. I bite my lip and allow a cheeky look to fall onto my face. He chuckles again and lights a cigarette. I nick his cigarette and the packet jumping back. Emrys frowns. "Give them back"

I shake my head. "Come and get them" I tease. He walks over and I put up a good fight but eventually I give in letting him have them back. Before he gets a chance to light one I kiss him again enjoying the feel of being able to press my lips to his. He kisses back and I feel something stir threw me which makes me push him up against the wall. Emrys smirks.

"Kinky" he says making me smirk back kissing him again. I eventually pull back for a breath keeping my hands on his waist.

"You're very submissive arent you" I tease.

"Maybe" he says causing me to laugh. Emrys punches my shoulder lightly and I pretend to look hurt.

"Fine" I say stubbornly. "I won't give you any attention at all"

"Okay" he says with no emotion. I shrug and go sit down on the sofa. I watch him light another cigarette and do nothing but stretch and lie down on the sofa. Then what he does nexts shocks me. He heads outside to smoke.

"Emrys!" I gasp in shock. Seriously, uncool dude. Emrys looks back.

"Hmm?" he question and this time I can't help it. I actually pout in annoyance showing the inner child I always try to hide. "M'not allowed to smoke in the house"

"You just have though" I complain becoming confused.

"And I'll regret it when Aria get back"

"Don't go" I find myself begging.

"You're more than welcome to come out with me. It's just a back garden, y'know?"

I find myself blushing. "Yeah but..." I stutter.

"But...?" he questions. I blush and look away wanting to avoid more embarassment.

"What?" he asks again cocking his head to the side.

"Nevermind" I mutter.

"You're weird" he says and heads out. Eventually I get lonely and bored on my own so I shuffle outside. I nick one of Emrys cigarettes and light it quickly. I take a deep drag and my movements are fluid, familiar. Emrys smirks.

"Shut up" I say annoyed. "I gave this up ages ago..." I can't help but trail off memories flooding to my mind.

"I'm clearly a bad influence" he says making me smirk.

"I was once" I say calmly taking another drag.

"Old man"

"Oi! I'm only twenty-two" I say nudging him with my arm.

"Three year older than me, old man"

"So?" I question.

"Make you old" he says with a smirk. I narrow my eyes knowing they have a cheeky glint to them. Emrys sort of smirks. "Then again there are a couple plus sides to being old"

"Yeah?" I question. "Like what

"Well" he says looking towards my crotch and back up with a smirk. I smirk back feeling cheeky.

"Hmm, yeah but if you never take control you'll never know" I says. He laughsa little.

"Calm down, mate, I'm only bi-curious"

"Trust me to pick the one who I'm gonna have to work on" I muse and Emrys grins. "Guess I'll have to discover what I'm working with" I say and pull him back inside having flick away both of our cigarettes. He pins Emrys back to a wall again. He kisses him strongly.

I feel him kiss back not quite as strong and I put my hands close to his crotch testing another limit. Then he pulls back and I admit defeat. "Thought so" I say moving my hands back to his hips.


"Too far, right?" I question.


"Its okay" I say and nuzzle his neck. I mean I can wait, right? I can.... cant I? I mean its worth it?

The End

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