Asha: Not AloneMature

Aria and I parted reluctantly after a few hours of catching up and promises of more to follow. I was humming an old folk tune as I went to find Liam. 

"Someone's looking happy." His tone was a little acidic as he was slouched under a tree in our garden. A magazine was discarded next to him, while his muscular arms were folded behind his head. 

I sprang lightly into a low-hanging branch so that I was sat by his head. 

"What are you doing?!" He hissed. "People might-"

"What's the problem?" I said gently. 

"Dig it out of my head why don't you?" 

I landed gently beside him, putting a hand on his cheek. "Liam-"

"Don't." His tone might as well have been a wall, slamming down between us. 

"Liam, I won't 'dig it out of your mind'. I'm asking because I care about you." I straightened up. "Aria's an old friend, we can trust her and she's a good person. Do you realise how long its been since I've met a vampire I've not had to kill or run from? Not since the Mansion at least." I sighed when Liam's face remained stony. "I'm going for a walk to show my face a bit. If you want to talk when I'm back.."

"Laters." Liam didn't even look at me once as I sighed again, leaving him to his thoughts. 

The Street was still busy, various people moving boxes from cars and vans into their homes. I was tempted to find Aria again but raised voices caught my attention. Deciding to avoid trouble for once, I leaned against the porch, a small smile on my face, when a familiar scent caught my attention; vampires. At least one more than Aria and me, maybe two. Admittedly, that caused the smile to fade. I rolled my shoulders a little, wanting to hunt. 

Guess nothing is stopping me going for a run...Except that will be more like a walk since I have to pretend to be human. 

Across the Street, I could hear some music, someone was singing and there were sounds of someone skillfully coaxing some rock chords out of a guitar. I made a mental note to go over at some point, when someone emerged from Aria's house. His eyes were a shade of green that almost matched Liam's and his messy black hair was tied back in a way that was either hasty, or very carefully crafted to appear messy. He appeared human and nothing seemed to suggest otherwise, except the fact that he was stepping out into the fading light-a time humans would find the most difficult to see. Some kind of confidence in the way he walked drew my attention. 

Apparently, something drew his attention too, since he glanced over, catching my eye. I gave him a smile, getting a smaller one in return. I went to intercept him.

"Hey." We fell into step, heading towards town. "Need some company?" 

He gave a shrug. It wasn't a no, so I decided to keep trying.

"I'm Asha, I juat moved in across the street."

Understanding appeared in his eye. "Ari's friend?"

I nodded. "Guilty."

That earned me a small laugh. "Denver, Aria's room-mate."

I laughed. "Brave man there."

"She's not that bad." I was relieved to see he had relaxed a little.

"Heading out for a drink?" Mentally, I crossed my fingers, hoping for a chance to escape Liam's foul mood for a while.

"Yeah, fancy joining me?"

I grinned. "Thought you'd never ask."

He laughed again, his eyes catching the light in a way that made them glow warmly. I smiled back, suddenly a little shy. He was a very attractive man.

We arrived after a short walk, the conversation flowing naturally. After ordering our drinks, I faced him properly, giving him a smile and meeting his eyes.  

"So, tell me a little about yourself Denver."  

The End

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