Cody: Mr. StinkyMature

I started filling in the hole the idiot had dug, using the shovel he’d left behind. I did my best to curse him loudly at the same time as holding my breath. A garden fence didn’t really do much to block out the stink of the body. I couldn’t believe he’d tried to make conversation with me after breaking into my back yard with a dead body and put a huge fucking hole in the lawn.

As I did my best to repair the damage to the grass, I couldn’t help but yell over the fence at him that he was paying to replace the grass he’d managed to destroy, and that it best be good turf or the brother will make a mess out of it. He was still stood there by the fence – I could smell him. There are a few good points to being a vampire, I guess. Like the extra speed and strength. Which I may have used to fill in the hole in the space of a few seconds.

I heard the guy weakly reply with a ‘sure’ and I stuck my head over the fence to look at him as I spoke again. “And don’t you bother trying any of that hitman shit on me, man. You arenotsticking a bullet in my head, got it?” He nodded at me, but... I dunno. It sort of seemed like he was planning something anyway, and I’m not referring to how he was thinking of getting rid of that body. “And dude, can you take Mr. Stinky here back inside for a while? I wanna be able to breathe without smelling him rotting,” I flashed him a sweet smile, and walked off before he really got a chance to say much more. I settled down under the tree, just like I’d planned, and leant back on it, finally relaxing. Moving house is a lot more effort than it should be. Too much lifting and moving things around for my liking.

Mind you, could’ve been done a lot easier if Rayn had actually helped, instead of going through his room for things to pack and being distracted by pretty much everything he found under the bed.

Not waiting for the awful stench to go, I settled down under the tree, filling up my stomach with a glass of water to stave off the cravings for blood for a couple more hours, and opened my magazine. Well I was hardly going to let a bad smell and my new, inconvenient need to drink blood get in the way of my relaxation time, was I? And anyway, if that nutso neighbour tries any shit, I’ll just have him for dinner. See? Not all bad being a vampire. 

The End

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