Cody: 'til five.Mature

Rayn had run off with Luca a couple hours ago, yelling something about getting stoned at the park, so I’d had the house to myself. With the stuff unloaded, I’d moved the car into the garage, and started unpacking. I was done with the downstairs, and figured I deserved a break. In an effort to get to know the area a little better, I’d walked down to the store to pick up some cigarettes and a magazine so I could kick back and relax in the back garden for a bit.

There was a kinda cute guy flicking through the same magazine that I picked up. I’ll admit I was maybe a tiny bit surprised when he started talking to me, though. That might just be ‘cause I’m a little shy around new people, though. I made a mental note of where he said he lived, and convinced myself that it would be a good idea to go over for a drink later. Rayn would be out all night anyway; I’d be back before him, most likely.

By the time I got back, those green eyes of his were still on my mind. At least, they were til I got back to the house... I mean, home. That’d take a while to get used to. Calling this place home, I mean. Anyways, Rayn surprised me, by being back already. Luca was floating in the middle of the living room, with Rayn sat on his stomach. I would quite happily swap being a vampire for Luca’s powers. I get increased photosensitivity and a need for blood, and that asshole gets telekinesis and healing powers. Rayn giggled when he saw me rolling my eyes a little.

“I just unpacked everything, try not to destroy it already,” I said, starting off talking to Luca, before realising Rayn’s just as capable of destroying stuff without freaky powers. He giggled some more. Luca just grinned lazily, his eyes barely open.

“Don’t worry, man,” Luca said slowly, “I’m too happy right now to let anything go wrong.” Well, there’s a comforting thought. Ilovebeing reminded that his moods affect how in control he is of his powers.

“How come you guys are back already anyway?”

“We got the munchies,” Rayn replied brightly, bouncing on Luca slightly, “I hoped you’d bring back food, or something.”

“I have cigarettes and a magazine. Knock yourself out,” I laughed slightly, having absolutely no intention of letting them eat either my smokes or my magazine. “The store isn’t that far away, go buy your own food.” Rayn pouted, giving me his puppy eyes. With an over dramatic sigh, I handed him twenty bucks, and his face lit straight back up. I went into the kitchen to get a drink, listening as they stumbled out of the house to go and find the store. Luca better not get my baby bro caught, or I’ll kick his fucking ass, freaky powers or not.

I sipped at my drink, reminding myself that the shade of the tree, my magazine and the rest of the afternoon had a date that I was not going to miss.

"What the fuck is this?” I yelled, when I got outside. You see, my plan had not factored in the possibility of finding someone in my back yard lifting up some dead guy, about ready to dump him in the huge hole in the ground that hadn’t been there before. I couldn’t tell what pissed me off more – the hole in the ground, the stench of death that filled me with the urge to vomit, or the strange olive-skinned man holding the body.

His short pony tail bobbed as he whipped his head around to look at me, eyes wide as he realised he was caught.

“What d’you think you’re doing? Get that out of my fucking garden, he stinks!” I covered my nose, the initial incredulity that had been on my face quickly turning to disgust as my stomach rumbled angrily.

“Shit,” he muttered, “shit, sorry.”

“Sorry’s not gonna do any good, is it? Get him out of my garden before I call the cops.” I couldn’t see his face properly with the sun behind him, and I cursed inwardly. Average height, kinda Italian looking and holding a dead body was hardly gonna be enough of a description for the cops, was it? I dropped the magazine on the grass and pulled my phone out anyway, showing him I meant business. “You’ve got til I count to five,” I warned. 

The End

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