Amber: ApologizingMature

"Please Maine! He didn't even see us!" Julie pleaded.

"True, but you obviously scared him half to death!"

"But that just proves how dangerous he is!"

"Julie, don't try to get out of this!"

Amber spoke up. "But Maine, think about it. Are you sure we should go visit a trigger happy stranger?"

Maine pursed her lips while Julie watched her face hopefully. Amber and Julie had been halfway down the street when Maine had caught up with them and told them that they had a punishment after all. Now they were on their way to the house to apologize and Julie was trying to think of excuses not to go.

Maine finally answered. "If anything goes wrong I am sure I can protect you."

Amber sighed. She turned and watched the girls walking on the other side of the street. One had green hair. The other sniffed in their direction and scowled.

"Here we are." Maine walked up to the door. Julie started a futile attempt to run, but Maine's hand snaked out lightening fast and caught her shoulder in an iron grip. She knocked with the other hand.

"I'm in here!" They heard someone yell. "Just a little bit stuck. I just fell down the stairs. Can't quite move just yet. It's no problem - won't be that long and I'll be up again. The door isn't locked. Come in."

Maine opened the door. There was a huge man lying on the ground. He struggled to his feet, then looked at them suspiciously.

"Who are you?"

Maine cleared her throat. "These two girls have something to say." She nudged them forward.

Julie didn't speak so Amber decided to. "Um, we were in your house. And, um, we are sorry that we scared you." Julie just nodded.

The man's eyes narrowed and he took a step closer. The girls took a step back.

"What were you doing in my house?"

"It was our clubhouse. We're sorry." Amber wanted nothing more than to get out of there. She could tell the other felt the same. But only Julie was rude enough to pull them off the doorstep without saying goodbye. When they were far enough away away she dissolved in giggles.

"That was so freaky!" 

"Julie, don't be mean!" Maine chided.

"He had a monocle! No one wears those anymore!"

Maine rolled her eyes.

"Hey!" Julie's eyes widened. "Why don't we visit our other neighbors?"

Amber wasn't so sure. But Julie had already run off and of course she had to follow.

The End

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