Crimson: Fearful Scents.Mature

I peered out of my bedroom window as I dumped my case on the massive(non-sarcastic big-whoop!)bed which was located on the farthest wall from the door... and let me tell you, it's preeeeetty far.

Morrigan came in about a minute later, followed by Luke who had my second case in his hands. I jumped back in surprise as I stared up at Luke... who was walking on the ceiling. The fucking ceiling.

Morrigan glanced up at Luke, unaffected by his whole "I'm walking on Crimson's roof" thing. She stared at him, and pointed to the floor. Luke stared back and flipped over, landing nimbly on the floor this time.

'Um... you start school next week...' Luke murmured before walking out.

'Ha? Oi! Luke!' I yelled, feeling my face redden. No way was I going to school. No fucking way!

'Yes...?' Luke cocked his head to the side as though he had no idea why I was so angry.

'I'm not going to school!'


I stood there, quite confused by his answer. Morrigan put her hand on my shoulder, and patted my head with her other.

'Hey, Morrigan?'

Morrigan looked down at me.

'D'you dye your hair?' I asked, pointing to her green, wacky hair.

She shook her head.

'Contacts?' I nodded towards those freaky eyes of hers.


'Are you a goth?' I gestured towards her oddball attire.




'Depressive socio path?' (much alike to myself, only replace “socio path” with “runt-of-the-litter werewolf)

Morrigan cracked a smile and I saw her shoulders shake in silent laughter. She gave me a little wave and wandered off towards the staircase. She was only seventeen, but totally didn't act like it. If I only just met her, I'd probably place her at around nineteen or twenty.

I sauntered back into my own bedroom, bored out of my wits. There was probably no kids my age around here. I hate being caught in the middle! Sixteen is such a fucked up age to be at! I can get married, even pregnant. Yet I'm not allowed to drink in public or drive? What's wrong with this world!?

I sat on my windowsill, and stared out of the shiny, new glass. A few people were talking on the streets, in front gardens and in the park. But how could they even do that? I'd be like, "shit... someone's talking to me?!" if someone simply struck up a conversation with me.

I opened the window, wondering if fresh air would wash away my childish thoughts. Then a fresh scent caught my nose by surprise. I felt my pulse quicken and eyes widen.

Shit. Vampires and a few other unknown, unusual scents, but shit! Vampires!

Morrigan appeared in the doorway suddenly, a look on her face which could either be deciphered as concern or someone who just doesn't give a fuck.

She jutted a finger towards the font door which was visible from the top of the stairs, and jutted it again.

'Your going out?'

She nodded.

'Can... can I come?'

Morrigan paused(if a mute can pause), then gave a short, curt nod. I smiled a shaky smile. Even though I was currently scared shitless and every wolven cell in my body was howling at me get the fuck out of this house, this street, this town, I had to get a better scent. Maybe I was mistaken. But there was only one way to find out, eh? Let's go for a walkie, my dear Crimson...

The End

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