Rosalita: Guy with the gorgeous eyesMature

I got back from shopping just as one of my neighbours was leaving his house. I decided I might as well introduce myself. After all, he was very good looking. I checked myself discreetly in the mirror and jumped out of the car. I saw him looking at the car, impressed. I knew this car would be good for me. I decided to try the discreet approach, and try and get him to introduce himself.

I leaned over the car and grabbed my shopping bags.

“Hello. Have you just moved in?” I turned with the bags in my arms. An apple rolled out and headed to the floor, but the guy, whose hair was dark red, almost black, caught it. He handed it to me, and then looked straight in to my eyes. It was like a bolt of lightning had hit me. His eyes widened as mine did, and then I felt myself drowning in his purple eyes. Purple? I took a breath in and stuck my hand out.

“Rosalita. I moved here last night.”

“Witt.” He smiled and shook my hand. The way he was smiling told me he was used to flirting with women. I decided to watch myself with this guy, although there was some part of me, that I’d never known before, that had decided I was going with him where ever he wanted. I shook myself mentally. What was that?

“Thanks.” I pointed at the apple, and he handed it over. “How long have you lived here?”

“Not long.” He smiled and looked at the car, taking in a breath which told me it had been an effort to look away from me. The problem was, I knew what he felt like. I didn’t want to look away from his beautiful face, his deep eyes, and his cheeky smile. I forced my eyes to the car as well. “I like your car.”

“Thank you. I bought it recently. Do you want a ride anywhere?” I almost kicked myself. Why had I invited a complete stranger to take a ride with me?

The End

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