I feel warm. Why do I feel so? I stare up at the ceiling of my room and sigh allowing my eyes to close. A small knock on the door and I am awakened from a slumber I did not realise I fell into. "What?" I groan sitting up.

Witt steps into the room and a blush falls on his cheeks. "Um, shirt" he mutter looking away. I blush and pull my shirt down from where it had snuck up to my belly. "I was coming to ask if you wanted to hunt?"

I look at Witt shocked. He hasnt asked me that since the curse. "Um, I ate this morning" I whisper now feeling deeply sad.

"Oh, okay" he mutters. "See you later"

"Witt" I call as he's about to leave. He looks back at me with sad eyes. "It... It wasn't your fault, you do know that?"

"Yes but it doesn't make it hurt any less" he whisper before leaving and closing the door firmly shut behind him. I sigh heavily falling back onto my bed. I look up at the ceiling with thought pounding in my head. He remembers but he doesnt feel. It hurts still now. I find my body curling up in a need to protect itself.

Why does he always make me feel so vunerable? I sit up and look left to see my reflection. I stand and walk over to my bathroom where I shower slowly to enjoy the feel of the warm water against my skin.

I find my thoughts washed away with the water and a warmth fill me. At least he still cares. We can still be close. I get out of the shower drying my body before dressing and plaiting my hair. I stand and begin to head out. Which is when I see him talking to a girl.

That small smile firmly on his lips as he looks at her and I feel myself crashing into the sea. He's found her. Oh god, please no.

I fall to my knees and begin to sob allowing the tears to fall down my cheeks. I cant stop them and I dont even want to. Its happened and I cant stop it.

He's found her and he also knows.

The End

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