Wittick Tomson a.k.a WittMature

I sat in my room reading and found myself being pulled deeped into the book. "WITT!" Mery screamed. I smiled slowly and still had that smile on my lips when she kicked open my door. "You're going down" She growls. I raise and eyebrow.

"Oh really?" I inquire. Then she pounces. I roll off my bed dodging her advance but as I turn she gets me and we go tumbling to the floor.

"You're never going to find your human soulmate!" She snapped trying to bite my neck. I pinned her to a wall by her neck in anger and she struggled for breath. I loosened my grip only enough so she could breathe.

"I will find her" I growl. May she be simply human, a sorcerist or an immortal. I will find her. I think the thought hard. Mery growls which is when the sound of the front door closing echos through the house. I release Mery and she shoots a glare at me before she stalks out of the room to go talk with Jake.

Jake, she loves that guy yet they can never be cause of... well, Jake's tastes. Witt had no problem with it since he knew he himself didnt appeal to Jake but sometimes he wished Jake wasn't. Just so Mery could stop being so angry at him all the time. Although this time it was his fault. He couldnt resist the temptation to mess up Mery's room when the door was so easily opened and unfortunately for her unlocked.

Witt laughed and pulled on his jacket as he headed down stairs. He stopped by the living room door. "He's a nuisance!" Mery growled.

"Why don't you throw him out?" Jake inquired. "Not that I'm saying you should"

"Cause I'm not heartless. I turned him. He doesn't have anyone else now" Mery whispered. I clench my teeth at that because, one, she's right and, two, it makes me feel like a pity case.

"Why did you turn him?" Jake asks seeming curious. Mery sighs heavily.

"Oh, I don't know" she groans.

"Come on, there must be a reason" Jake pushes. Mery sighs again and I can see her face go thoughtful and maybe slightly calm.

"Cause he needed me and I needed him...... It was that damn witch that pulled us apart" Mery growled before suddenly going silent. Then I hear the tears and I'm in pain. In pain cause I can't help and because I'm remembering when we weren't like this. Back when we were so deeply in love that I took the chance and became a blood sucking monster just to be with her forever.

She's right about that witch. That curse hurt her more than me because I can no longer feel love for her or for any woman except apparently my destined soulmate. My human soulmate that will release me from the curse.

I pull myself away from the living room door and head outside. I sigh heavily. What can I do, Mery? Can I do anything to make it better?

The End

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