David and Kyle - Moving inMature

Kyle backed the U-Haul into the driveway of  number 12, The Street. The overhead garage door opened for him, even though he hadn't used the remote access control. David stood in the doorway, guiding his best friend using both hands, in a 'keep coming' gesture. Kyle inched back, back and further back until he drove right through David! He shivered from the sudden chill, and climbed out of the cab of the U-Haul.

"You could have moved, buddy." He called into the silence of the big attached garage.

The door rolled down, and the lights came on. David's 6'2" blonde bulk appeared at the open inside door to the house. He chuckled as he floated to the back of the small moving van, and pulled the door up, using his ghostly telekinetic energy. When he was in visible corporeal form, he was every bit as strong as he was before he died, but his ghostly energy had its limits, and he could only stay corporeal temporarily. He could use his telekinetic energy while invisible, or visible but see-through, much longer.

He started hauling electronic equipment and two computers out of the van, while Kyle loaded them onto a rolling luggage cart. Anyone watching, would have seen a bunch of heavy equipment floating across empty space toward the man loading the cart. Kyle took the equipment into the house, as David floated a trunk full of Kyle's clothes into the house. Kyle let out a low whistle as he looked around at his affluent surroundings.

"These drug lords sure do know how to live," he said, as he lowered himself into a very expensive leather bound recliner chair.

"Well, the previous owner here isn't enjoying it much, now. He's dead." David remarked.

"Show yourself David, I hate talking into thin air."

David appeared across from Kyle, in a big overstuffed chair. He leaned back, crossed his legs, and looked around.

"At least the cleaners did a good job of getting the blood up, after the forensics team left. At least this place is better than the last dump they put you in. This is a plum gig you got, running an under cover assignment into all the recent killings and bloodlettings in the city. Detectives like us  aren't likely to ever live this high off the hog on our salaries." he remarked.

Kyle grinned, amused. When David was in his visible corporeal form, he forgot he was dead, and not earning a salary anymore.

"Our last and most hopeful information about who might have killed you, leads right to this street. We can run the investigation into your death at the same time I run this undercover investigation. We can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak," Kyle remarked as he walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge door.

"Hey, how about that. There's beer in here. Want one?"  he said.

"Smartass!" David laughed as he disappeared again.



The End

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