Amber: Close CallMature

"Are you sure?"

"Of course." Julie grabbed Amber's arm and the two witches ran across people's lawns, climbing over fences as they went. Amber was still nervous about sneaking into the house down the street. But Julie reassured her that if things went wrong they could just magic their way out of it. Amber wasn't so sure. The Street was notorious for its peculiar residents. She felt that they might have magic of their own.

They arrived at the window through which they had been entering the building. Julie climbed in first, then Amber. They raced upstairs, the steps creaking beneath their feet. When they arrived in the bedroom, Julie stood on Amber's back and pulled some cards and a big bag of chips out of the vents. Then they sat down.

"I am so glad we managed to get this house all to ourselves." Julie said, removing the rubber band from the cards.

Amber giggled. Julie liked to pretend this was their house. "Yes, without that killjoy, Maine."

There was a loud tapping noise and both girls gasped. That was their proximity charm. Someone was coming. Tossing their stuff out the window, the teens ran into the bathroom. The door clicked shut just as the downstairs door opened.

They huddled on the tile floor and listened to the steps creaking as the person walked upstairs. Then a loud thud issued from the bedroom and there were some scuffling noises.

"What is going on?" Amber asked nervously.

"I don't know."

"Hello?" A male voice called out. He had heard them.

"What do we do?"

Julie took a wand out from her pocket. "I'll teleport us."

"But you're just a beginner."

"Come out here." The voice was getting louder.

"Just grab my hand, okay?"

Amber gripped her hand tightly.  There was a slight squeezing sensation and they disappeared from the bathroom just as the door was kicked open. They reappeared crouched under the windowsill and waited.

"Who was that?" Julie whispered.

"Why are you asking..."

Beep. It was Amber's phone. Hopefully the man hadn't heard...

There was a loud bang. Both girls leaped to their feet and ran back to their house, practically vaulting fences. When they arrived at the door, Julie's shoulders were shaking. At first, Amber thought her friend was crying, but when she looked more closely she realized that she was laughing.

"Oh my gosh, that was awesome!" Julie said between giggles.

Amber scowled. "Come on, Julie," she said, opening the door, "That wasn't..."

"Where have you been?" The curtain were drawn, but Amber could make a shadowy figure sitting in the kitchen. Maine was home.

Julie stepped forward. "We were just..."

"It seems like you were sneaking into the house down the street again, because when I send you a text message, a gun goes off!"

Julie looked down at her feet.

"I thought I told you guys not to go there."

"We didn't know someone was coming!" Julie said.

"One, you shouldn't have gone regardless. And two, there has been a 'Sold' sign in front of that place for a month!"


Maine sighed. "Look, it is hard enough for your parents to trust me. If they find out about this stunt..."

"Please don't tell them!" Julie sounded terrified.

Maine sighed again, blowing some tendrils of black hair off her face. "Fine. But don't do it again."

"We won't!" They answered dutifully. They walked out the door.

Maine watched them through the curtains, taking a sip from her flask. She was certain they would get into trouble again.

The End

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