Crimson: The Hippie, and The MuteMature

I was sat on the other side of the trains table, I'd given up on the idea of reading a book when I was being jostled around so much. Luke and Morrigan, who were my brothers friends and both a year older than me were both sat in the exact same position, staring out of the window.

It really was a peculiar sight and everyone who walked past us gave us a look that clearly said, " what the the fuck?"

I didn't know these two freaks until two months ago, when my brother suddenly told me he was going on a French exchange trip for two years. And in the meantime, I would move into a house on a street called "The Street". Way to go being imaginative.

But to be honest, these people looked about as responsible as I was. The chick had bright green hair, which either had a shitty hair cut or she just had a fucked up sense of style. But that was nothing compared to the guy who was apparently from a high-class family and was gonna be paying for the house.

I've come to the conclusion that he's a hippie and he's been drugged up so many times, the effects have never worn off and he's going to be stoned for the rest of his life.

But at least I don't feel like the only weirdo any more. I'm actually an overly-depressed werewolf. And the hippie dude, Luke, can fly. And Morrigan is some sort of "mage" I think...

The train finally stuttered to a halt, Luke and Morrigan both stood up and swung their few bags over their shoulders. I stared down at my two large suitcases and their tiny rucksacks. I shrugged and dragged them along behind me as we exited the train.

Morrigan stood in front of us and pointed to a bus stop.

'Oh... okay...' Luke said vaguely, 'I'll pay...'

I slowed down, letting them go ahead as I tried to act as though I was by myself and not in their strange party.

Morrigan came to a halt and looked back me, she gave a small smile and pointed to the bus that pulled up.

'Good timing...' I murmured.  Morrigan didn't talk at all. My brother said it had something to do with her turning into a evil, creepy monster. So I don't think I'd be pestering her to talk to me any time soon.

We sat right at the back of the bus, away from everyone else's view.


Our shoes clacked on the pavement and echoed around the quiet street eerily. It was midday but, still, no one was in sight. I shivered and Luke approached one of the most modern-looking houses in the street. It was a lot different from the house my brother and I used to live in.

I stuck his hand in his strange blue robes and pulled out a letter, I saw his eyes scan over it quickly and he squatted in front of the door suddenly, pulling a key out from under the mat.

Luke unlocked the door, Morrigan, who was standing behind me gave a push and I walked slowly up to the porch of the house.

'Is our furniture already here?' I asked Luke who was already in the house.

'Oh... my mother furnished it for us...' He mumbled, taking one of my suitcases as I entered the threshold, 'is... it to your liking.'

'Fuck yeah...' I gasped, turning around in awe, trying to get a good luck at every little thing there was to see.

The End

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