Rosalita:New houseMature

I looked round at the house I'd bought. Very nice. Comfortable, clean, and a fabulous garden. I lay on the sofa and breathed in the scent of the flowers outside. Then I smiled and extended my fingers to face the door.

"Grow." Green stems spread across the walls, buds blooming on strands. Roses and lilies bloomed. I smiled. "Ah, that's much better." I slipped off the sofa and walked across the floor to the fridge. There was nothing in it. Time to shop. I grabbed my car keys off the side and got to the door before I realised it would be good to wear something more than my shirt and pants. I ran in to the bedroom and grabbed my mini skirt, slipping it on. Time to go eat. I checked my purse, keys and phone, then left.

I grinned at the car that would make all the guys on the street jealous. It was gorgeous. A red porsche. I'd always wanted one, and now I did. Yeah, that's what happens when you get a load of money off relatives. I slipped in to the car and drove to the nearest shops.

Maybe later I'd make a visit to some neighbours. I'd only moved in last night, late, so they probably wouldn't know that I was there. Well they should now, what with my car.

But it would be nice to meet some people in the place I hoped to live in for a long time.

The End

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