Wolf: Making an EntranceMature

I clambered off of my bike, aware of the people in the street. I was prepared for anything, offering a polite wave to whoever it was on the other side of the road as I walked over to the door to my new home.

It was a little smaller than I had hoped for but I didn't mind that much. It's only a house after all. I pulled my mobile from my pocket, checking if she had called. Nope. Not surprising.

I dropped it on the table and took my bag off of my back, opening it up. I took out my possessions, bringing them with me as I explored the second floor. The stairs creaked a little under my weight, something that wound me up a little.

I pushed through the door to the bedroom, surveying the room quickly. With a swift and sharp stamp, I put my foot through part of the floor. With more difficulty than I should have encountered, I pulled my foot free, looking down at the rugged hole and allowed myself a quick smile.

I knelt down and grabbed the wires that I had revealed, checking them briefly. Nothing suspicious there. I dropped most of my guns into the hole, dragging a nearby rug over to cover it up. As I left, I was careful to avoid the obvious pitfall, reluctant to make a fool of myself, even with nobody else around.

I heard a noise coming from one of the other rooms.

"Hello?" I called out.

The noise got louder.

"Come out here." I raised my most faithful weapon, feeling the trigger against my finger. It was still slightly warm. Good.

I heard the noise getting closer to the door of the bathroom, metres away. Deciding not to take any risks, I kicked at the door, watching it fly open.

Nothing there. Ah well.

I started downstairs, wanting to get myself some water.


I turned on my feet sharply, squeezing the trigger. The bullet lodged itself in the wall, filling not only the room but also spilling out onto the street. I wandered over to the door, opening it and sticking my head out.

"Sorry! Nothing to worry about here!" I shouted with an apologetic face.

Not a good start. At least they knew that I was here.

The End

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