Asha: Moving InMature

We didn't take much with us, deciding that we could just buy what we needed when we settled in, preferring to travel as lightly as possible. On a scrap of paper, an address had been hastily scrawled and I consulted this now.

"The Street, dark blue door... this is it, Liam." I spoke softly to my companion and close friend. The large black dog by my side leaned his head against me, coming up to the height of my elbow.

Finally. His wry comment reflected the days of running it had taken to get us here, away from the people chasing us, picked up with my ability to read minds. We worked well together.

"Come on, lets get inside before you scare anyone else." His chuckle echoed in my mind as we let ourselves in, the keys left under the matt.

"Typical Jay." Liam huffed as he shifted back into human form. "Nothing but the most expensive taste."

I laughed, relaxed now that Liam and I were safe. "Yeah, well it works in our favor. I wonder if he put anything in the fridge?"

"Probably full of vampire food like last time.. I noticed you lot aren't fans of burgers." He called as he went to explore the room, taking the large pack containing our few possessions with him.

"By that, you mean blood? And yeah, we don't like to clog our arteries when we can help it. Unlike you immortal-human types."

I heard his chuckle echo down again, warming me more than our light

"Feel like going shopping?" I asked cheekily as Liam returned to the kitchen. 

"Isn't that your job?" He dodged my playful swipe, attempting to look innocent. 

I gave him a mock-glare, turning my attention outside. It was late afternoon, the sun giving everything a golden hue. Our small patch of garden had been neatly tended, dominated by two large trees, a colourful flowerbed and a small table. 

"Its peaceful here." I murmured as Liam wrapped his arms around my waist in a comforting motion. I felt him nod, sighing a little. We stared out in silence a while, enjoying the stillness more than anything else. 

Eventually, we stirred ourselves. I chucked a wallet at Liam, who caught it in a practiced motion, not even looking. 

"Need to do better than that bitch." He grinned. 

"Watch it, these fangs aren't for show, Scooby." I returned, using a nickname that stemmed from his favorite wolf form. A nickname he also hated. 

"Touche, Twilight."

I flashed over to him, getting him with a light tap on the back of the head. He grinned ruefully. 

"Yeah, I deserved that one." he admitted, grinning all the same. 

"Uh huh, get your butt out that door mister, else you'll be moaning later about the lack of 'edible food' again."

"I still have nightmares from when you suggested I try blood." He faked a shudder, getting a smile in return.

"Out!" I replied, mock-stern.

"Yes m'am."

I shook my head at him as he vanished again, feeling slightly uneasy in the empty house. It had been a long time since Liam and I had been away from each other for very long and it never failed to leave me...unsettled. I decided to sit out under the small porch, figuring I could at least spot Liam when he returned.

I watched the traffic moving up and down the street, indulging myself in listening to the hum of thoughts, not listening to anything in particular. It had been a while since I'd sat like this in somewhere so crowded and not been on a job. As a bounty hunter, I'd spend too much time on the job, or being chased to allow such luxuries. Suddenly, I sat upright, a broad smile spreading across my face. 

"No way.." I murmured, seeing a familiar figure emerge from one the of the houses. The tanned skin, perfect figure and long black curls were unmistakable. 

The End

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