I cut the engine, glancing at my little bro in the passenger seat. He was fidgeting excitedly, and I couldn’t help but smile. He’d chosen the new house here. There was a place just as good a few blocks away, but his best friend already lives here, and he’s a lazy little shit really. The second we’d stopped, he’d unfastened his seat belt, and after the few seconds of fidgeting, he hopped out of the car, leaping around in the driveway. Shaking my head a little, I got out, and let him into the house, yelling after him to help me get stuff out of the car as he darted upstairs to claim his room.

He dashed back down, running to the trunk of the car and grabbed his bag of clothes before going back inside. I heaved a box out, grunting at the weight of it. Fucking books, man. Why’re they so heavy?

Of course, I had next to no help getting the rest of the stuff out. The little bro had already dumped his stuff and climbed out of his window into the tree outside of his room.

“I want a tree house!” he yelled through the window at me when I’d found him.

“Get Luca to build it for you,” I told him, making him grin. You wouldn’t know that he’s nineteen from what I’ve said about him, would you? He let out a happy squeal and got so excited he almost fell out of the tree. “Careful, Rayn. I don’t wanna have to drag you to the ER already. We only just got here.”

“Yessir!” he shouted, saluting me with a giggle. I smiled, watching as he spotted a squirrel at the end of the garden and pretty much jumped out of the tree – which made me wince a little, convinced he was gonna break something – tripping over himself to chase the poor thing.

I went back out to get the last few things from the car, spotting a couple of people with black hair walking out of their house. I say walking. I mean the girl was dragging a guy behind her. They looked like they might be siblings. One of them smelt... I inhaled the scent and subtly sniffed my own skin. One of them smelt a bit like me. So one of them was a vampire, and the other was definitely human. I wondered if they had the same kind of set up as me and Rayn, still living together, even though one isn’t human anymore, and most likely poses a threat to their sibling.

My skin started to itch, and I frowned, making a note of the house they’d come out of. Most vampires I’ve met don’t have any sensitivity to sunlight, but I was photosensitive as a human, and being a vampire’s only made it worse, unfortunately. I s’pose at least I’m used to covering up in the sun. I got my ass back inside and found Rayn in the kitchen, sitting on the counter, nursing a scratched arm.

“No luck?” I asked, laughing slightly. He pouted at me.

“You need to stop staying out in the sun so long, Cody,” he told me, noticing that my skin was turning red.

“Then you should help me unload the car,” I replied, sort of telling him off for being a lazy bitch in a teasing way. He rolled his eyes and slipped off the counter, about to head out to the car. “I’m already done, squirt,” I ruffled his hair, “you can unpack it instead.” He groaned, and I grinned, planting myself firmly on the sofa in the front room, watching the people on the street go by with interest.

The End

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