"Are you sure you're okay?" Mery asked again as I sat on the couch. I turned and glared at her.

"Mery, I'm fine" I reply. "Yes, it hurt but I'm over it. You know it wasnt going to work anyway"

"Yeah" Mery sighs. "That girls a moron"

"I have to agree on that one"  Witt says entering the room a beer in his hand. I look at him with a raised eyebrow and he shrugs. "It was never gonna work"

"And you didn't tell me this why?" I question. Witt shrugs and takes a drink of the beer. He looks at it with slight distaste.

"I prefer blood" he mumbles leaving the room. Me and Mery burst out into fits of laughter. Witt's new hobby of trying human food and drink had been amusing me and Mery for almost a week now. The week I'd been here and spent the entire time in the house. I slowly frown and Mery looks at me before sighing with a sad look on her face.

"You need to get out, Jake" Mery tells me. "How about you go out now? Just to the shops maybe"

"Sure" I mumble standing up. Mery stands up and hugs me suddenly. I tense before slowly relaxing a small smile on my face. "Thanks for all this, Mery"

"You're my best friend, Jake. I'd be evil not to support you in a time like this" she whispers soothingly. Sometimes I wonder why I hadn't fallen for Mery but there's no looking in that direction now.

"Thanks" I mutter. "I'll go get some more human food for Witt to try"

Mery laughs and I head out the living room into the hallway where I pull on my coat then yank on my all star sneakers. I head out closing the door firmly behind me. I notice a car in the drive of the house thats usually empty and tilt my head. "Some people must of moved in" I mumble.

I shove my hands into my pockets and hunch my shoulders against the harsh wind heading down the street. I stop when I see a pub on the corner and hesitate before giving in.

No problem with stopping for a quick drink. I step into the pub a cold wind rushing in and head straight to the bar. I take a stool next to what seems to be a young lad about 19 years old. "A carlsberg, please" I mutter to the bartender. I look slightly at the young lad again and before I say hello the bartender comes back.

I quickly pay for my beer and look back at him. "Hi" I say. The young lad looks at me and I feel a slight shiver go down my spine. "Um, my name's Jake" I hold out my hand looking straight back at the young lad.

He looks briefly at my hand but doesn't move to shake it. "Emrys" he replies rather coldly. I move my hand to grasp my beer and take a swig.

"Nice to meet you" I mumble, no longer looking at him.

"Yeah" he mutters but its barely an answer. I sigh heavily and down my beer.

"I better get to the shop and back before Mery starts worrying" I say to myself. I leave and Emrys gives no gestures of goodbye.

Well, thats just knocked my cofindence another notch. I can barely even talk to someone let alone make bonds of some sort.

The End

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