Rayn: CushionMature

I waited on the couch while mommy talked to the man at the door. When I heard her inviting him inside, I grabbed one of the bigger cushions and hid behind it. Did I ever mention my, uh, slight distrust of guys older than me that I don’t know? No? Well, I don’t like them much, and mommy had just invited this one inside.

Mommy’s laugh made me peek up over the edge of the cushion at them. "Now what're y'all doin'?" she asked. I didn’t answer, I was too busy trying to figure out if this guy was okay. "Rayn, this is Liam. Liam, this is Rayn," she introduced us, and he gave me a smile.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I mumbled into the cushion, trying not to sound too wary of him. I shuffled into the middle of the sofa, giving them no choice but to sit either side of me. Cuddling my cushion, I went straight back to the movie, but don’t think I didn’t notice Liam giving mommy this look. I don’t think he was very impressed with me being between them. I didn’t care. I’d only just got a mom for the first time in my life, and he wasn’t gonna steal my evening with her.

"Want anythin' to drink?" mommy asked, smiling.

“Got any beer?” Liam asked, smiling back at her over the top of my head. I asked for a juice box. She went off and got us our drinks and sat back down next to me. I managed to stay mostly hidden under my cushion while I battled with the little straw, ignoring Liam. Mommy played with my hair once I’d settled down and I leant into her, watching the movie.

“Hadn't y'all best go tell Cody you're sleepin' over?" mommy asked when the movie finished. I didn’t want to move, I was happy staying snuggled, but I didn’t think Liam was gonna put up with me all night if I stayed there.

“Okay,” I muttered, shuffling off to tell him. Once he’d said it was okay, I packed a little overnight bag, clean boxers, my toothbrush and some smack for the morning.

When I got back, mommy had moved to the middle of the couch next to Liam. She smiled up at me as I stood in front of them, not sure where I should sit. If I sat in the space at the end of the sofa, I’d be ignored. I didn’t exactly feel like being a spare wheel. “Can I have another juice box?” I asked, going straight to the kitchen before she could reply to get one. She looked over at me as I pulled myself up onto the counter with my juice.

"Do ya wanna watch another movie or play another game?"

"Don't mind."

“Y’all can pick.” I shrugged. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, really. I hadn’t realised this Liam guy was gonna be over, and I felt like I was just gonna end up in the way and that he wouldn’t like me. She got up and came over to me. "You okay, hon'?" I nodded. I never was very good at lying, though. Damien was the one that did all the lying when we got stopped by cops or something. She wrapped me in a hug and kissed my head when I buried it in her shoulder. "How 'bout we ask Liam if he'd like to make a cake with us?" I nodded again, sliding off the counter to follow her back into the living room to ask him. 

The End

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