Rayn: BrowniesMature

I didn’t wanna knock on their door. I was stood staring at it again. I mean, I wanted to knock, but I was confused and didn’t want to look all needy and clingy, even though it had been a couple days. Maybe he didn’t care anymore. He just didn’t want to know me and that was that. I was probably wasting my time.

I got as far as walking up to the front door before I collapsed and started bawling my eyes out like a baby. I wanted someone to like me for who I was not what I did. But the only person who really cared anymore was Cody. I mean, Luca still cared, but he was too fucked up to look after himself, let alone keep me sane. So I just sat there and wailed.

That nice vampire lady that Cody likes opened up and looked down at me, "Now from all the noise I heard inside I thought someone'd left a baby on my doorstep,” she said, kind of chuckling. She didn’t sound annoyed, so that was good. I looked up at her, trying to widen my eyes enough around all the tears so I could see her properly. “C’mere,” she offered me a hug. I tried to get up, I really did, but I was too drunk and fucked up to get much further than remembering to put my needle down so I didn’t stab myself in the hand with it. The nice vampire lady picked me up and I leant into her, glad I didn’t have to try walking anywhere. She carried me over to the sofa and put me down there. “Why’re y’all crying?”

“Emrys dun like me,” I slurred.

“I’m sure he does.” I shook my head. "Why doesn't he like you?"

“Said I remind him of his dad,” I sobbed, feeling the hiccups starting. That happens a lot when I cry. I sit there hiccupping for ages.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it,” she told me, wrapping me in this comfy hug.

“He did,” I hiccupped.

"Well you just ignore that nasty lil' boy,” she said.

“But I like him,” I sniffled, “I want him to like me too.”

"I'll have a word with him when he gets back."

“Will he be annoyed with me for coming over?” I asked, wide eyed at the thought of pissing him off even more. She told me that he wouldn’t be annoyed with me, and I didn’t question it. She was being all motherly and I was too content enjoying it to want to annoy her too.

“Wanna help me make brownies?" she smiled and I instantly perked up.

“Magic brownies?”

“Depends what kinda magic,” she replied.

"Y'mean there's a different kind to weed brownies?"

“Mhm.” I was intrigued. She walked me to the kitchen, holding my hand and I tried to help her make the brownies. I didn’t see anything else that would go in to make them magic, but I was happy just to mix things and weigh the stuff out. By the time they were in the oven, the kitchen was a total mess, and so was I. I sort of helped clean up, in a way. I was licking out the brownie mix from the bowl. That counts, right? I sat on the floor out of her way while she made the kitchen look like I’d never been in there.

"Wanna watch a movie once they're done?" I looked up at her smiling at me, nodding. She wiped some of the brownie mix off me. Apparently I’d managed to get some of it on my face. It was like having a mom. I wanted her to come live with us and be nice forever. "Now how'd y'all manage to be so messy?" she asked, looking all amused.

“Magic,” I grinned up at her. While we waited for them to cook, she let me play board games with her and kept me entertained. It wasn’t exactly hard to do.

When the brownies were done, she cut them up, warning me, "Be careful now, they're real hot." I tried to grab one anyway, ‘cause I was hungry and they smelt nommy. She held the tray up out of my reach. I felt like a midget.

“I want one,” I said, giving her the puppy eyes.

“When they’ve cooled down.” She tried to keep me distracted for a while, but I was too impatient, and I kept trying to sneak off to get one. Eventually, she gave in and let me have one. She let me pick what film to watch, too. I’m pretty sure my face lit up as I scuttled off to look at their films. I found some Disney ones and picked one of those, curling up on the sofa to watch the movie and eat my brownie. Aria brought me a glass of milk to have with it and played with my hair while we watched the film.

I liked her being like a mommy. She was nice. About halfway through the film, I needed to ask her. I tugged on her sleeve, looking at her all wide eyed and feeling kinda needy again.

"What is it, hon'?"

“Can you be my mommy?”

The End

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