Asha: A Date?Mature

I leaned in the doorway as I watched Liam preen in the mirror for a few moments, fussing over his hair. I couldn't help but be amused by it, since he was normally so laidback about his appearance. 

"Got a date by any chance?" I gave him an amused smirk as he jumped half a mile in the air.

"Maybe." He grunted, looking a little embarrassed when he saw me almost crack up with laughter. 

I bit my lip in an attempt to supress my amusement and took pity on him, crossing the room to fix his hair. 

"There, much better." 

He flashed me a grateful smile before running off to check 'one last thing'. 

"Liam, calm down." I laughed. "You're practically on vibrate." 

He caught sight of himself in the mirror and gave a small 'heh' of amusement. 

"Yeah okay. Mind fixing my hair again before I go?" The last request was followed with puppy eyes so desperate, I ruffled his hair in response. He pouted. 

"Hold still then." I sighed. After a short pause, as I fixed his hair again, I asked in a softer tone. "You really like her, don't you?"

"Its just been a while, especially after Imogen-" 

"That was 80 years ago, Liam. Aria is by no stretch of the imagination like Imogen. Trust me, I used to live with her, remember?" 

He grinned. "True..."

I raised an eyebrow. "No we did not share a room, Mr. Typical-Man. Now move your butt over to that bar before I move it for you." 

He gulped theatrically, giving me a mock-salute. "Yes m'am." 

"And have fun." I smiled as he left. 

"Thanks Asha." His returning smile was warm, like you see on brothers looking at their precious sister as he left.

I wandered around the house for a while, bored, before changing into denim hot pants, a band t-shirt and combat boots to head out in. I slung my customary studded belt over my hips and put some eyeliner on just for the fun of it and went out for a walk. 

The night air was cool and refreshing against my exposed skin. The fishnet tights I had under the shorts did nothing to protect me from it and I found myself being grateful that vampires didn't feel the cold as much as humans did. I wandered aimlessly for a while, ending up at the park. I climbed the frame there, hanging upside down from my legs, staring at the stars meditatively. I was lost in thought when someone approached the frame almost silently. In one move, I dropped to the ground, landing on my feet. 

Cody was stood there, smiling a little. "I thought it was bats that were meant to hang upside down?" 

I relaxed, smiling back at him. "It helps me think. I got bored at home on my own." 

"With gymnastic ability like that?" 

I shrugged a little, I'd always been good at that kind of thing. 

" you want to come to mine for a bit? We could keep each other company." 

I tilted my head slightly at his offer, made casually but with a little undercurrent of shyness, as though he was trying to hide it.

"Okay, I'd like that." I replied after a few moments. 

He gave me another smile, more confident this time, that sent a rush of warmth through me and I allowed him to lead the way back, wondering what had prompted him to come out here at night and why he was now inviting me to his home. 

The End

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