Rayn: New FriendsMature

Luca was missing. He doesn’t usually wander off anywhere. He tends to stay put when he’s high, which he was when I last saw him. He hadn’t taken his phone with him ‘cause I found it under the bed, and he wouldn’t have left a note, ‘cause the guy’s illiterate.

I was bored, so I figured I’d go look for him at the park. At least if I don’t find him there, I can just play or something.

I wandered over to this guy sat on the climbing frame, hoping he’d maybe seen him somewhere. I looked up at him, my eyes kinda wide as I forced myself to speak to him.

"Have you seen Cancer anywhere? I can't find him.” The guy shook his head. "He's really tall, dark hair, all tattoos and he’s an asshole."

"Not seen him since Denver killed him earlier,” he told me without even looking in my direction.

“Oh,” I mumbled, flopping down onto the ground next to the climbing frame. I caught him glancing at me as I lit up a cigarette.

"M'kinda glad I didn't find him, now,” I said half to myself with a small laugh.

“How come?” he asked, lighting another smoke even though he wasn’t finished with the first one. That was a bit weird, but I didn’t say anything.

"He doesn't like dying much. It puts him in a real bad mood." He never takes it out on me, though. Definitely something to be grateful for, considering once the headache’s calmed down he goes and picks a fight with some poor sucker at a bar or something. The poor sucker usually ends up in hospital, half dead. He really isn’t a gut to get on the wrong side of. When the guy didn’t say anything, I spoke again. “D’you live on The Street, then?” he nodded. “Which one?”

“Number one.”

“That’s the one the nice vampire lady lives in.”


“Cody liked her,” I smiled, “he said he was glad he’d managed to find somewhere he didn’t have to hide so much.” He didn’t say anything. “Are you weird too?” He gave me a nod. I wish he’d talk more. I wanted to make some friends around here, and he looked about my age, but it’s hard to be friends with someone that doesn’t talk. “How?”

“I can’t die,” he said, lighting his third cigarette. I’d only just finished my first. Just as well he can’t die, I guess.

“Like Cancer then,” I nodded to myself, “Do you die at all like he does too?” he nodded. “Does it hurt you too?”

"Depends how I die." I tilted my head again, half confused and half curious. "If I die in a paifnul way, it'll hurt."

“Oh. But what about when you wake up?” He shook his head in answer to that. Guess that’s just Luca, then. “How often have you died?”

"Only when I need a new pair of lungs these days. It used to happen more when I was a kid." I gave him the curious eyes. I probably looked like a little kid to him, but I didn’t care. I usually act like a kid, so what’s the point in pretending in front of someone who doesn’t know you? "My dad used to kill me," he explained and I felt my eyes widen. That was almost too close to home for me, and it can’t be a good topic for him either. I instantly felt guilty as hell and felt like a kicked puppy.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“S’okay, I don’t mind.” I had the sudden impulse to climb up and give him a cuddle, and who was I to ignore it? I’m an impulsive person, I guess. He didn’t hug back, so I let go kinda quick, watching him sort of shrug. "I haven't seen him in seven years, I'm over it." I tried to keep the admiration off my face, but I don’t think I was very successful. See, my dad wasn’t exactly nice to me either, so the fact he’s over it, or at least seems to be and says he is... it’s impressive to me. I’m far from being over it.

The guy sort of raised an eyebrow at me and I cleared my throat, trying to make my expression halfway neutral. Neither of us said anything. I was busy wondering how he’d gotten over it, or if he was just saying it, and he was busy smoking. I laid down across the top of the climbing frame, shuffling so my head was near his and I could still talk to him – if I hadn’t managed to piss him off. He glanced at me. He had blue eyes. I hadn’t noticed that before. He was blonde, too. I s’pose I hadn’t noticed that either.

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Rayn,” I smiled, but he didn’t really smile back. Oh, god, I’d annoyed him, but he didn’t wanna tell me to piss off. I shut up, not really wanting to just walk off, but not knowing what to say to excuse myself.

Except then he offered me a smoke. It was his last one, too, and I felt vaguely bad taking it, but it’d be rude not to, right? I gave him a small smile and mumbled a quiet ‘thanks’ as I lit it. He finished his own smoke and laid back. Without really realising I was doing it, I snuggled up to him, using his hip as a pillow. I pressed my face into it, breathing in the scent of smoke that clung to him. I peeked up at him and noticed that he looked kinda surprised, which is when it dawned on me what I’d just done. Oops. I didn’t wanna move, though.

I did move my feet, though, ‘cause we’d ended up lying opposite ways and they were right by his head. I was feeling kinda sleepy and I didn’t wanna end up kicking him in the face or anything. 

The End

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