Liam: New NeighboursMature

Well I have to say, I approve of Asha's friend, Aria. She was great, a proper southern belle with a killer figure and a smile to match. Okay, so she was a vampire. So what? I live with one too and that only put me off Asha because we became so close as friends, otherwise, I'd still have the hots for her. 

Aria lead us down the road a few houses and knocked briskly. I saw Asha look at her curiously and receiving nothing but a grin in response. 

"Hi Cody, thought I'd introduce y'all here to the newbies on the block. This is my friend Asha and her house mate Liam. Are the others in?" 

The guy smiled a little uncertainly. "Yeah, Rayn's in I think. Come in." 

I noticed his gaze lingering a little on both of the girls as he let them in. I gave him a nod, hoping he got the 'I'm-their-big-brother' vibe that I was attempting to give off. 

"Rayn, where are you? We've got guests." Cody called into the house as he led us to the kitchen, offering drinks. 

Asha smiled as I took a beer but refused his offer of normal drinks. 

"My tastes are more along the lines of Aria's." She said in explaination. 

Understanding flared in his eyes. "You too, huh? Guess that makes three of us." 

I noticed Asha's returning smile also lit her eyes. Well, I guess she's allowed to have the hots for our vampire neighbour if I get Aria. 

We were interrupted as a kid around the age we all appeared bounced into the room. He grinned brightly at Aria and directed his attention to me and Asha. 

"Are you friends?" 

Asha nodded. "I'm Asha and this is Liam. We just moved here." 

The guy smiled happily, reminding me of a child with a new toy. "I'm Rayn. You look nice." 

Asha laughed and I smiled despite myself. This guy was like an overgrown kid, it was hard not to warm up to him. "Well thank you, Rayn" She replied "Nice to meet you." 

Rayn sidled up to Cody. "I like these people. Can they stay?" 

Cody smiled at him, making the family resemblance obvious. "If they want to." 

"Of course we will." Aria chimed in. "We could go to the park if ya like, Rayn?" 

He gave her a starry-eyed smile, clearly loving the idea. "Really?"

"Sure thing."

I saw Asha catch Cody's eye across the room, smiling a little wider.

I think I agree with Rayn, I like these people. 

Her voice sounded in my head, sounding more relaxed than it had for a long time. 

Yeah, only 'cause you fancy Cody. 

Like you don't fancy Aria She retorted, her voice laughing in my head

...I'll get you back for that one, vampire.

I'm sureAsha sounded teasingly unconvinced and severed the connection before I could think of a decent comeback. She grinned at me when I shot her a mock-glare whilst Cody and Aria attempted to calm Rayn, who had started chatting and bouncing around like an over-excited five year old.  

"Well, why don't you show me the way, Rayn?" Asha spoke to him kindly, but not patronising and with a tone that indicated she had infinite patience. "You can tell me all about what's round here on the way." 

"Okay." Rayn smiled at her and started out of the door. 

Cody looked a little relieved. "Thanks." 

Asha smiled that smile of hers and shrugged a little. "Its nothing, he seems like a good kid." 

Cody returned her smile, clearly warming up to her. I sighed to myself and fell into pace next to Aria, walking behind the three of them. 

"So, what's the story with you an' Asha then?" Aria asked. 

"We met a long time ago, she helped me out with some stuff and we decided to stick together after that. Neither of us wanted to keep travelling all the time totally alone." 

"Anything else..?" Damn, she didn't shy away from anything. 

I laughed. "I wish, but no. We're kinda too close for anything like that now." 

"Mhmmm" Aria drew out the last syllable, clearly processing the information. 

"Anyways, seems like she's taken to Cody." I said, deflecting any more questions with a nod of my head. Up in front, the pair were deep in conversation, Rayn running ahead like a puppy on it first walk. 

Aria laughed. "Seems that way." 

"So, you were saying earlier about getting a drink, when and where will I collect this drink?" 

Okay, so Aria wasn't the only one who could be direct. 


The End

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