The Street: Take TwoMature

The glorious rewrite of The Street.


I looked over the top o’ my sunglasses as I heard the rumble of an engine, seein’ two movin’ vans chargin’ up the street. Were we gettin’ new neighbours? I sat up in my lawn chair a lil’, watchin’ as the vans went past. Definitely new neighbours, they both went to different houses. One pulled up outside the house next to ours, which up until now’d been empty, and the other pulled up across the street.

I’m Aria, by the way. And up until I heard those engines, I’d been sunbathin’ in the front yard in my bikini, much to the enjoyment of my roommate Denver. He’s a nice enough boy once ya get to know him, but he’s a lil’ difficult ‘bout that kinda thing. He’s not so good with people.

Anywho, the movin’ vans. I watched the one across the street with interest. See, there was a guy already livin’ in that house. I’d never gotten close enough to ask his name, but he was an odd boy. And I didn’t like it. Dever’d seen him dealin’ drugs, and we’d both seen him wanderin’ around all drugged up and just generally bein’ suspicious.

So y’all can understand why I was curious about someone movin’ in with him. Were they gonna be trouble too? I didn’t catch much of a look at the new guys, too busy watchin’ as the odd guy floated everythin’ out of the van and into the house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to weird powers. I mean, I’m a vampire and Denver can set himself on fire and make poison outta nothin’, but to use ‘em in broad daylight like that? Definitely suspicious. And don’t think I didn’t notice him givin’ me the ol’ eye.

I rolled my eyes a lil’, pushin’ my sunglasses on and shuttin’ my eyes. Which was when I recognised a familiar scent to the left of me. I looked around, grinnin’ as I caught sight of one of my old friends from back at Vampire Mansion.

“Oh Miss Asha” I said, gettin’ up.

The End

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