Natahlia and Callum

i was starting to get older now - at 17 most peoples daemons had stopped shifting and had settled on their true forms.

But not my Daemon, not Callum.

i was told it was just because i was imaginative. Or stupid. I dont know really.

At 17 i suppose i was still too imaginative, my days consisting of finding things to do contantly - whether it was building a new invention, writing or just drawing.

Today was like any other day really.

i sat in the woods looking at my plans for a tree house. Callum sat at my side in his Tiger form. i whispered to myself quietly for a moment then jumped up, alarming him.

"What is wrong Tahlie?" he asked.

i looked round "Nothing, nothing, just thinking" i said i tied my long brown hair up with the little green ribbon i kept on my wrist. i stood in silence for a moment. "Right!" i shouted making Callum jump again. i rolled up the piece of paper and stuck it in the pocket of my dress. Checking my shows were knotted tightly i grabbed a branch and jumped up onto the next one. i walked along balancing carefully like a tight rope walker, hesitated then turned quickly. i wobbled slightly and Callum gasped.

I recovered quickly though. "i wish you would be more carefull" Callum sighed leaping onto the branch below me. i chuckled lightly and slid my shoes off the edge of the branch landing, crouched, next to him. i stuck my tongue out, my bright blue eyes looking into his, and then grabbing a few sticks i'd collected up earlier, climbed back up and began rearranging them, Callum helping where he could by passing them to me. I nailed, as best as i could, as i went - the bag of nails in my pocket getting slightly lighter. Callum's form shifted constantly as the building grew. Finally it ended up me higher up in the tree, he sat exhausted on my shoulder his large, eagle wings aching. i could feel the strain in my arms too, the hammering and the stretching all to much.

I slid the small hammer into my socks and kissed Callums head. "we did it" i sighed. he nestled his head closer to mine.

the sun had began to set now. My Uncle would be wondering where i was. He loved hearing about my plans and what crazy things i'd come up with that day. He'd always been there for me... even before mummy and daddy had left. He told me the truth straight away though. ' "They didnt want you" he told me "but i always have" ' it stopped me from crying everytime. i hadnt ever asked about my mum and dad. if they didnt want me, i didnt want them. all i needed was Uncle Theodore.

i looked out towards the city, the trees obscuring my view slightly. stifling a yawn, i leaped off the high branch i was on and twirled to the ground, my dress balloning under me.

i landed gracefully on my feet... although i think i may have given Callum a heart attack. His claws were digging into my shoulder for dear life.

i would stay in this tree house tonight, i decided. Callum looked at me then nodded, jumping off my shoulder and flitting in through the makeshift doorway. i began to climb up the 'ladder' i had made when suddenly i heard the leafy forest floor being disturbed. running and mumbling could be heard. i looked towards the city again and could see a shadow moving towards me. Callum heard too because the next moment his tiger shaped face appeared out of the doorway, a low rumbling growl coming from his throat.

"Who goes there?!" i shouted.

The End

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