Carrie and Damion

I ran quietly down the steps of the house and out the door. Damion followed behind in the shape of a small cat. Once outside I breathed in the freash air and smiled as I felt the wind in my long black hair. That day I had been kept inside almost the entire day so it felt good to outside.

My parents were away on a trip and were hardly ever home. When they were home it wasn't usually pleasent. I didn't exactly have a very good relationship with them so I was trying to get them to stay home but it always ended with my slamming the door of my bedroom. When they were gone they left me in the care of my aunt.

Aunt Teresa was wonderful but sometimes she got on my nerves. Like today for example. She had me stuck inside cleaning for my parents were returning tomorrow in the afternoon.

"What if Teresa finds out that you've gone without telling her?" Damion asked as landed on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Damion!" I smiled "We'll be back before she even wakes up." I continued walking toward the forest that I knew so well.

The End

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